ByGabe Briney, writer at

We all know the stories of how Deadpool, Punisher, and even Wolverine (kinda) have killed the Marvel Universe. Here are 4 more who could if they wanted to.


This would be accurate to World War Hulk if he won.

Iron Man

This would be closer to Punisher's tale, but with more plans.

Winter Solider

His version would be a long shot, but what if he got so tired of being manipulated, he decides to kill all heroes and villains.


She would also be a long shot, but she has the skills and the means to kill them off.


Loki controls Thor to destroy Midgard, Hulk being the last combatant, then the other realms. The other big battle would be against the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the end, Thor would break Loki's curse, then break his face.


Who would you want to see kill Marvel?


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