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James Wood

Lately I've been mixing things up with what I watch. Instead of watching my favourites over and over again I've been going through the IMDB top 250, taking recommendations from friends and family and its been refreshing to see some critically acclaimed features as well as some poorly received, though I've been disappointed with a surprising amount of films from The Grand Budapest Hotel, Back to The Future, Black Sea to Calvary.

So today, I decided to watch a few old favourites, and put together my top 25 favourite movies. I'm more of a modern movie fan but you can't beat some old classics, and I know I could do a top 100 but that's a lot to sift through.

25. Edge of Tomorrow - One of Cruise' best films, an absolute sci-fi blast from start to finish with a bold and unforgettable performance from Emily Blunt. Watching Tom Cruise run away from a fireball in an exo-suit brings joy!

24. The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad! - The funniest comedy of its type, it's a real shame Leslie Nielsen is no longer with us. The puns, slapstick, double entendre and knowing nods are what make this movie a hit.

23. Resident Evil: Retribution - Milla Jovovich is back as the ultimate female action hero, a brilliant addition to the Zombie-Slaying franchise with a tonne of action, incredible 3D effects and some neat twists. Repeat viewings are a must!

22. Fast & Furious 6 - It's so rare nowadays that sequels improve upon predecessors, well Fast & Furious shows us it's possible. Furious action sequences, epic scale convoy heists, intense high speed chases and a knockout plane finale, it's all so over the top and that's exactly what you want.

21. Prometheus - An astounding and very dark movie that features an exceptional cast, stunning visuals, teeth gritting tension, beautiful set design, an intensely dark atmosphere and excellent performances all round, all these great aspects come together to create a near perfect and totally enthralling movie.

20. Quantum of Solace - Quantum Of Solace perfectly continues from Casino Royale delivering action by the tonne, revenge fuelled story telling and Craig's finest 007 outing. Assisted by Olga Kurylenko, who is superb as the best Bond girl since Ursula Andress.

19. Underworld Awakening - Kate Beckinsale is back and as awesome as ever playing Selene, one of the darkest and coolest female action heroes. For fans of the series this 4th instalment is a great comeback, it's violent, stylish and explosive, and it features the best performances seen in the whole franchise.

18. Godzilla - Can you geek out to the point of having intense nerd tears? Godzilla unleashes the inner child and nerd in you, the most epic and terrifying cinematic roar to ever grace the big screen. This 2014 behemoth of a film is so tense, spectacular and blood pumping you're going to be blown away by the end!

17. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - Tom Cruise yet again proves himself the go-to man for action and stunts. This is the best in the franchise, one of the best films of 2011 and one of the finest spy flicks in years. Welcome cast additions include Paula Patton, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, these three and Tom Cruise are the coolest spy team.

16. Star Trek Into Darkness - I've never felt so immersed and involved in a sci-fi movie this much, every location in space and on futuristic Earth looks real and each part of the Enterprise is convincing. The beautiful 3D gets you in on the action even more. I love the story, which constantly unfolds across different planets and then ends up with one of the best action packed finales since Transformers Dark of The Moon where the USS Vengeance obliterates downtown San Francisco, then Khan and Spock battle it out on a hover-jet, the special effects here are utterly jaw dropping. I find this sequel far more entertaining than the first movie.

15. Transformers: Dark of The Moon - Watching this is like being the five year old me all over again, discovering big action blockbusters for the first time with my eyes wide, jaw dropped and full attention, this is the ultimate blockbuster. Best in the franchise, some of the best action scenes put to screen, just awesome.

14. Pitch Perfect - Pitch Perfect is easily the most enjoyable film of 2012, Pitch Perfect isn't Glee or any of that annoying rubbish. An exceptional ensemble of hugely talented actresses own the stage/screen taking chart topping hits and mixing them up with an extraordinary style. It's unpredictable, crazy funny and there's a great pace to it, no boring moments, just all out fun.

13. Insidious - Try watching Insidious alone at night. Prepare to shiver like you never have before at the most terrifying, nail biting, suspenseful, intelligent, dark, atmospheric and jumpy horror. Lipstick face demons, lifeless dolls, long haired fiends and creepy entities stalk the Lambert family home and wander the shadows of "The Further". Rose Byrne is exceptional in her role, the fear in her face alone is enough to creep you out, all round great performances from the whole cast and just executed perfectly from assured direction by James Wan.

12. Insidious: Chapter 2 - For fans of Insidious every question and open link is connected and cleared, leaving you ready for the scares in store that James Wan has constructed ready to make you scream! Chapter 2 covers more locations and travels deeper, the characters venture so far they uncover the home of the Mother of Death, played by Danielle Bisutti who delivers a horrifying performance which actually scared the living daylights out of me. This is pure horror, the atmosphere and tone are perfect and the whole world of Chapter 2 seems haunted and uneasy, and yet again the finale is absolutely shocking and had me gripped.

11. Black Swan - I'm not a fan of ballet at all so I was at first turned away from watching Black Swan but when I finally got round to watching it, two words: Bloody great. This is an absolute masterpiece, unlike anything I've ever seen. It's wildly unpredictable, searingly intimate, shocking and terrifying and one of my all time favourite movies.

10. Just Go With It - An awful lot of Adam Sandler films are stupid, unfunny, poorly written and forgettable, but every now and then comes a film featuring Sandler that works, and Just Go With It is that film. There's an overwhelming sense of fun and joy, but Just Go With It adds in a silly nature but it's a tolerable and fitting silly nature, whisking along it's quirky characters into nutty situations.

9. Easy A - Emma Stone gives the best performance of her career, and as Olive Penderghast it's one of the best characters and performances I've ever seen. I have watched this movie so many times and it's so charming, funny and upbeat. With an absolutely outstanding supporting cast, sunbaked cinematography, a top soundtrack and joyful tone that buzzes throughout Easy A is an all time favourite and my highest recommended movie.

8. Pacific Rim - This movie is huge, unlike anything I've ever seen before and it genuinely is a monster of a movie, and exactly as Charlie Day's character puts it "2500 tonnes of awesome". This is as big as Godzilla, as destructive and chaotic as Transformers but it has the most heart and depth than both those two which is a bonus, and although it does make you wait for spectacle the payoff is truly breathtaking. I highly recommend this beast of a movie, it's a visual marvel all over and it's bolstered down by wonderful characters.

7. Dredd - Dredd 3D is one of the most violent and entertaining movies of the year! I went into the cinema expecting violence but nowhere near as bloody at this. Packing a tonne of action, an insanely evil baddie and two awesome protagonists, this is a guaranteed good time.

6. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters - It's a real shame critics can't enjoy watching two of the coolest, freshest actors totally ripping the guts out of evil witches in spectacularly gory style. We need more movies like this, films that don't take themselves seriously and just aim for all out entertainment. Fast paced, sharp and ferociously violent, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is hands down the most fun and wildly over the top adventure of 2013, it will be hard to beat.

5. Kill Bill. Volume 1 - One of my all time favourites, Kill Bill is heart stopping mind-blowing greatness, every time I watch this movie I literally cheer and shout at the screen as the Bride slices and dices her enemies in bloody pieces. Uma Thurman is simply amazing, her intensity and motivation keeps the movie moving at a relentless pace, her line delivery is bad-ass as she faces up to her opponents, teasing them and threatening them, by the time she stops talking you are just waiting for her to perform some insane fight move.

4. Oblivion - There's always that one film you see where words cannot describe how much you love and enjoy it. The experience leaves you breathless and lost for words, and jaw dropped almost immediately the moment it starts. Well that's me with Oblivion, Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has created the most immersive, stunning and vivid world ravaged by war, and it's populated with gripping characters and knockout action sequences.

3. Total Recall - 3 years on and still, Total Recall is my favourite movie; it's the ultimate sci-fi action adventure. This remake is a blast of fast paced action with a breathtaking world at the centre of the story, and Kate Beckinsale steals the show with a breathlessly brutal and sexy performance.

2. Transformers: Age of Extinction - Michael Bay you are a legend! Transformers Age Of Extinction is perfection in blockbusting entertainment, simply put it's 165 minutes of awesome. Words cannot describe the might, enormity and power of the action sequences that take place here. I need to emphasise how eerie and blood pumping it is to hear the build up of Imagine Dragons Battle Cry work its way into the early action scenes before unfolding the full song in the final fight between Optimus and Lockdown. Age Of Extinction has to be seen on the big screen in 3D, it is a whopping experience, and it's the fresh revamp I was expecting taking a new direction and totally knocking my expectations out the water.

1. Mad Max Fury Road - 30 years in the making. Numerous production halts, it looked like Fury Road was never going to be made, until now. 2015 has arrived, and in it the golden package that is the beautiful, spectacular, absolutely barmy and outrageously entertaining "Mad Max Fury Road", an action masterpiece so overwhelmingly explosive and jaw dropping your face will feel like its been melted, or that you've been awakened in Valhalla alongside the war boys. This is simply put the best action movie ever.


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