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Everyone who watches CW's The Flash TV show will have seen the season 1 episode 'Tricksters'. If you haven't then here is the plot in a nutshell.

A terrorist named the Trickster start blowing stuff up. It turns out that in the 90's there was a Trickster (Mark Hamill). Barry and Joe go to see the old Trickster in prison and he says he has no idea who the new one is. Barry and Joe go to the old Tricksters lair and it blows up. The new Trickster then frees Hamill and it turns out that the new Trickster is the old one's son. They hold up a party and strap a bomb onto the Flash but get caught. The Flash then has to get the bomb off himself but to keep it from exploding he cant take it off! In the end Harrison wells(Professor Zoom-Flash's arch enemy) tells him to vibrate through a wall (yes...that's one of the flash's powers)

A promotional poster for the episode.
A promotional poster for the episode.

Now it seems fine but there was a huge number of Hamill Easter eggs. Jere are some...

Hamill does his Joker voice from the DC animated universe and the Arkham games.

In Hamill's old lair there are tons of joker faces on the walls and on dolls etc.

He says at one point 'I AM YOU'R FATHER!!!' as a nod to star wars (if you don't know who he played he played Luke Skywalker).

He wore in the final fight between he and the Flash a Joker style suit.

Did you know: Hamill stared in a failed series in the 90's about the Flash as the Trickster.

What do you think? Is it just a joke on the studio's part or is the episode really dedicated to Hamill?

Hamill in the 90's Flash TV show
Hamill in the 90's Flash TV show

The Flash returns in October for season 2 on the CW.


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