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Good Evening, I am: MaliceSting; aka: The Sadistic Vampire (the Original). I am a Demonic Vampire. My Interests are: Death, Violence; War, T

Good evening, my real name is not important. What I am isn't what you think it is. I am a Vampire, forget whatever you were told - we exist. I was born on June 3rd, 1993 - the same Birthdate as Vlad Tëpes, or: Vlad: the Impaler. For those of you who remember me on my previous post from my original account (maliceNiles); I've evolved. Update the subscription to me. I used to be a Sanguine Vampire: There are 6 types of Vampires: Emotional (which is self-explanatory), Psychic (those who feed off of Physical Energy); Sanguine who are the ones that believe they need to drink blood, there's cultural (Goths who view themselves as Vampires). And there's the Cryptids (the ones that you hear stories about down south, primarily in New Orleans). But there is another type that our kind is hush-hush about. Which is: Demonic, I am now that type. A Demonic Vampire is a Vampire that has rejected most or all sense of Humanity, but that's only half of it - we are also superior to the other 3 types of Vampires. If I get cut, my flesh begins to heal as soon as it is cleaved, it takes about 2 weeks to heal but there are never any scars. If I get an injury that causes blood loss, the blood doesn't leave the wound (unless obviously if the wound is disturbed). I have lightning quick reflexes, if I dropped a pencil the chances of me being able to grab it before it hits the ground are virtually guaranteed. We have Psychic Abilities, not just being able to predict the future but also Telepathy (only with our own kind though). And we can send Physical Sensations just by thinking about it, or typing-texting it. For example: (laughs). We don't actually drink blood and is actually discouraged because of Pathogenic Diseases, so I do it over text - or bite and suck on the person's neck until I taste blood (not actually puncturing their skin to cause bleeding). There's another rule about feeding though, we are only able to feed from: Consenting Adults, if you want to know more about the rules of being a Vampire, look up a book called: The Black Veil. Oh and sorry to disappoint anyone but there's no Embracing Humans, you have to be born a Vampire - just like everything else. And we are not immortal either - we die just like anyone else. There's some other details too but they are complex and take time to explain. If you would like to know more, you can message me here or on Facebook. Til' Next Time..

- MS


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