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I know what you're thinking... How the hell is Michelle Gomez so perfect in her role as the Mistress? Well, I can tell you one thing... She is awesome. She has also given us hints about the outstanding Series 9 of Doctor Who that premieres on 19th September!

''Couldn't Very Well Keep Calling Myself the Master, Now Could I?''

Michelle Gomez who plays Missy on Doctor Who spoke to the RadioTimes about those recurring Doctor Who locations and she confirmed that they're connected:

“Oh, there’s no coincidence in Doctor Who – everything’s connected and that’s what makes it really spooky, in a way. Yes, there’s a connection yet to be revealed.''

I'm so excited right now! Can't wait to watch the 9th Series! But let's have a look on these locations!


I'm pretty sure they are the same! Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see... In the rest of the interview, Michelle Gomez spoke about Missy’s role in the upcoming series nine, which will be different:

“Missy’s come back in a different dynamic, that’s all I can say”

She added:

“There’s something a little different about her this season. What I can say about this series is that there’s a sort of grand electricity to it – it feels very charged – almost like, that sort of energy you get in LA with the tectonic plates going on. There’s something definitely in the air – it’s very adventurous.”

“It’s a lot of fun being the most evil woman in the universe.”

Well Whovians I know that you're super excited but you'll have to wait because the Doctor will return on the 19th September on BBC One.

Watch the awesome trailer about the 9th Series here!



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