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Back in the 1980's cartoons were extremely popular. Not because children loved them but these cartoons were well developed. There is the phrase which I'm sure you will be familiar with:

"They don't make them like they use to"

When it comes to the 80s cartoons they are right. I loved the cartoons back then so much that I have the dvd to some of them. Now with technology and scifi fandom at an all time high many of these cartoons would be equally successful (in my mind) today in a movie. I have listed some that I think would make a brilliant movie.

1. Bravestarr

Bravestarr was a futuristic western genre. It focused on the main character Marshall Bravestarr. Bravestarr was a Native Indian who has powers due to his linage. Bravestarr has the powers of an animal which enhances his abilities. This consists of:

Eyes of the Hawk, Ears of the Wolf, Strength of the Bear and Speed of the Puma.

Bravestarr is the Sheriff of a town called New Texas. His adversary is a villian called Tex Hex who has his band of bandits. Bravestarr has a trusted companion in Thirty -Thirty. Who is Bravestarr's horse who can make himself upright.

2. Galaxy Rangers.

The show is set in the future, some time after the year 2086, when two aliens from the planets Andor and Kirwin travel to Earth to search for allies against the expansionist Crown Empire led by the Queen of the Crown. In return for the help, the two aliens gave mankind construction plans for a hyperdrive device. After this key event in human history, interstellar travel flourished and a huge number of colonies emerged in distant star-systems. Alongside the growth of human activities in space, criminal activities also grew, and the new colonies required defense against various threats, including the Crown Empire. A group known as "BETA" (Bureau for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs) was founded to cope with these tasks, with a "Ranger" division being a part of it.

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The Rangers themselves have abilities amongst themselves. Zachary Fox is bionic on his left side of his body. The reason for this was due to an accident he suffered so he got enhanced modifications. His arm is bionic and impenetrable and can withstand huge forces.

Shane Gooseman is a Super Soldier who can ansorb energy and use it as a weapon. He is also stronger, quicker and has extended durability than that of a normal person.

Niko has enhanced psychic abilities. She has the ability to read minds, move objects and is a skilled martial artist.

Walter Hartford is a genius who has the ability to communicate with machines. He can also create AI intelligence and has the ability to be the "Ghost in the Machine".

I would like to see an updated version of this.

3. Defenders of the Earth.

The plot begins with Flash Gordon and his son Rick escaping from Ming the Merciless, who has exhausted the natural resources of his home planet Mongo and desires to exploit Earth. Ming tries to brainwash Flash's wife Dale Arden, but she resists until death, whereafter her psyche is later included in the Defenders' supercomputer Dynak X. Later, Flash and Mandrake organize the Defenders against Ming.

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Flash Gordon recruited a specialised team to fight Ming the Merciless. Gordon himself was the leader. Mandrake the Magician specialised in illusions and mythical powers. The Phantom had expert fighting skills and Lothar the Carribean Ninja.

Of course Flash Gordon is a household name. If any distributor was to make a Flash Gordon movie....maybe this is the way to go.

4. Bionic Six.

Bionic Six is about a family who become a family of super advanced beings. They use these abilities like super strength, speed, hearing, thinking and knowledge. Their main antagonist is a villian called Doctor Scarab who is hell bent in taking over the world.

5. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors.

A young warrior (Jayce) puts a group together to search for his missing father. Jayce uses vehicles and anything that is motorised to deal with the threat of the villian called Sawboss, who is responsible for Jayces fathers disappearance. JATWW is like a futuristic Fast and Furious movie.

There are plenty more popular cartoons. Given that some of the movies today have superior CGI surely we can go back and make a feature film on these classic cartoons.


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