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Ah, sequels, how we love them… At least that’s what Hollywood thinks. I’ve been pretty vocal in how I feel about sequels and reboots previously so I won’t climb on board my soapbox right now… Stick around though, I might get there in time.

Once upon a time Ben Stiller was considered hot property in Hollywood. He had in no way used his family connections (cough) to get his foot in the door and had made some pretty average comedies. Actually, check out Heavyweights, it’s not bad. Then something happened, There’s Something About Mary came (excuse the pun) out. It was a massive hit that made an overnight worldwide star out of Mr Stiller Junior. A decade of hits came (last one, I swear), and Ben Stiller shifted gears towards more serious movies.


The first Zoolander was a pretty solid hit. A £30 million budget returned a £60 million gross and close to as much on DVD. This of course was an era when people bought DVDs and didn’t just steal movies or wait for Netflix. Seriously kids, once upon a time people had hundreds of DVDs in their living room and prided themselves on it. It was a dark time… but I digress.

The enduring legacy of Zoolander was, and in fairness still is, the fact that people can quote the funniest lines off by heart. Not funny people you understand, but y’know, people that think an appletini is sophisticated, those kinds of people.


I’d like to be able to tell you what Zoolander 2 is about, really I would, talking about movies is kind of my thing, but the trailer is giving nothing away. Unless the movie is actually about Stephen Hawking educating Derek Zoolander in a My Fair Lady kind of thing, in which case I’ll go and see it. As that’s pretty unlikely, I’ll wait for Netflix.

Zoolander 2 hits cinemas on February 12, 2016. Go see it... if you’re like, really, really, good-looking.


Are you good looking enough to watch Zoolander 2?


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