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So, all true Potterheads have wondered something: How different would the Harry Potter series have been if Harry and Draco switched lives?

Now I read this article lately and it gave some pretty valid reasons that show that Harry is a bit of an ass, but I still disagree with some of it. It got me thinking. A while back I started to think about Draco, and how he probably only acted the way he did because of how he was brought up.

The two are often compared as similar, but I genuinely think they would have been best friends- if they weren't on opposite sides of the war that is. To be perfectly honest, I think if they had switched places, then Harry would have been worse than Draco ever was, and would have sided with Voldemort and it could have been catastrophic for the wizarding world. Even if Harry didn't get the ability of being a Parselmouth Voldemort, he did get rid of 100+ Dementors when he was 13 with a charm he shouldn't have been able to do for another few years. Harry was much more of a narcissist than Draco too- Draco just wanted his father more involved in his life.

Ok, that's speculation but I always found his constant need to say 'my father will hear about this' as a cry for his fathers attention, as though despite getting everything he wanted and more, he never got the attention from his father. Lucius was probably always preoccupied with the Ministry of Magic, and hiding his true allegiances and helping his old comrades. Then, post book 4 he was trying to save his father from falling down the path that got him thrown into Azkaban post book 5. In his own weird I think he was just trying to help everyone he cared about, without getting anyone into any serious trouble.

Any thoughts?


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