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Basically Veronica is a very intelligent girl who was chosen to do a very special work. Later on in the movie we witness that it involves revenge to does who deserved it. She gets tested several times and later on after passes the tests and heads on to the real game where she faces 4 men who hunt girls. The victims would have had no idea that they were taken into the forest to get killed , what they do know is they would be going somewhere special or what one of the boys says " anther world ". As they arrive they start playing the game of truth or dare , then they give the girl 5 minutes chance to run. What veronica did as she is set on a 'mission' to kill them , she drugs the alcohol which she offers while they were playing truth or dare. As dares been taken and truth been spoken Veronica gets a dare 'Die' , she freaks out and as usual they give her 5 minutes to run. Now we all now that she knows every thing about what they do so she played them in acting scared. She starts killing them one by one as she planned , obviously she got injured for instance nose broken but what do you expect from a fight against 4 men ?

Now my thoughts on this movie is a positive one, the movie is very nice indeed and builds up a very nice story. It's to the point and that is what i love about movies and it is really hard to shut it off as it leaves you with the questions , is she going to kill them or is she going to be the one who ends up dead. Also what I like about this film is the thought that if you are a woman it doesn't make you less important then men. I really wanted to see more blood but overall i enjoyed it alot .


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