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Narnia is also series of stories and it's about 4 siblings. One of them, a girl named Lucy founds a land behind the closet. But what really is in common in Harry Potter and Narnia. Well, both of them are absaloutly fantasy. They both have children in them. Ok I know that was a boring fact, but it is true. Fantasy characters: check. Animals who are really cute: check. Adventures: check. There is always that brave one, always the smart one and always the cranky guy. Plus the person who is absaloutly cute. Anyway, they are similar. But why is Harry Potter really more famous than Narnia? I don't actually know. Some people really like wizards and stuff more. Another group of people like talking animals and kings and queens. One reason why Harry Potter is more famous is that: Narnia has 7 books, but has 3 movies. Another reason is that the first Narnia book was written in 1950. But Harry Potter is in 90s. So it's more known. But I mean, the author of Narnia C.S. Lewis, was friends with Lord of the Rings author J.R.R Tolkien and that is pretty cool. What do you think about epic Narnia series?


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