ByBen Gates, writer at

superman recently gained a new power: The super flare. Its like 'heat vision:2.0'. when he uses it however, he becomes human for a day, like superman 2. the question is: will it last?

in the 40s and 50s, superman just jumped, he couldn't fly. then when they wanted to make a cartoon about him, they found it was easier to make him fly, because they couldn't afford to make him jump high.

then in the 'silver age' he had a ton of powers for all occasions, such as super mind reading. Then in the 'Dark age' they rebooted superman to be the one up until flash point. that superman had the regular super strength, heat vision, freeze-breath, flight etc. then in the new 52 universe he had the same powers as the pre new 52 one but he also had the flare up until the post convergance era or as they call it now 'DCYOU' . where he lost most of his powers and his identity as Clark Kent has been revealed.


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