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Since 2011, hundreds of millions of people have been running from giant ninja monkeys in the "endless runner" Temple Run and its sequels. As of last year, the two main games had garnered over a billion downloads. The popularity of this game has created interest in a live-action film. While I normally am not a fan of video game films, I think that Temple Run: The Movie could be rather good. However, here's what I think needs to happen in order for this film to work.

Make it a Parody.

That would be wise...
That would be wise...

The story behind Temple Run is insanely simple: Guy (no, his name is actually Guy) steals a temple idol, and is chased forever through a swampy ruin by demon monkeys. It's almost the same story as every other adventure film. It's basically the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, only they replaced the giant boulder. While that makes for a really fun game, it would be bland to do it as a film.

So, don't take it seriously. I hate it when things take themselves too seriously. If Temple Run: The Movie tries to be the next Indiana Jones, then it will fail. But, if it homages and sort of pokes fun at the genre, while still maintaining some decent plot points, I think that it would succeed. Don't skimp on the story, but don't be afraid to joke about the cliche nature of it.

Cast the Right People.

Star Lord, Maleficent, and Han Solo find a temple..
Star Lord, Maleficent, and Han Solo find a temple..

If you know the characters, you can see where this is going. Within Temple Run, you have the main character Guy Dangerous (who is somewhat based on Harry Pitfall), then characters Scarlet Fox and Montana Smith. Now, a lot of people have been calling for Chris Pratt to take over as Indiana Jones, but let's imagine him playing a similar, but comedic character. Next is Fox, who is a lot like another famous video game adventurer, Lara Croft. As a way to homage and parody the original, why not get Angelina Jolie to play the part? I think it goes without saying as to why Harrison Ford should be in it. I know that Montana Smith and Indiana Jones are so dissimilar...

Don't Shy Away from the Games.

Grab those coins!
Grab those coins!

This goes back to not being to self-serious. Most video game movies try to fit these characters into the real world, in real situations. Sometimes that works, and sometimes, you just need to realize the insanity of a game where you do nothing but run forever. A Temple Run movie would need subtle, fourth-wall breaking jokes about never being done, or about just straight up being in a game.

It also wouldn't hurt if they had all those coins lying around. And the power-ups. And yes, I'm kidding.

Now, this is an outlandish prospect. Who would watch, or even make a Temple Run movie? I mean, it's gotta be better than Angry Birds...right? But, if the film is ever greenlighted, then the producers (the mysterious "they" I've talked about) shouldn't try to make this the next Indiana Jones. Instead, like the game, it should be a fun, light-hearted homage to the classic adventure genre. What do you think? Should Temple Run: The Movie ever see the light of day? Or should we just let sleeping monkeys lie? Let me know what you think in the comments!



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