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Who’s left for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

With Marvel having set out their line-up for the next several years, the nerdiest among us are looking even further ahead. Yes, we know we have Captain Marvel and The Black Panther are coming as well as sequels to established properties, but who else is out there for Marvel to introduce in Phase 4 and beyond?

Once Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jnr etc. are out of contract, Marvel will be looking to bring a new generation of superheroes to the big screen. Who are the front-runners?



This one could be tricky as Universal still hold the distribution rights to The Incredible Hulk and associated characters. Hopefully, this legal snafu will be sorted post-Avengers 3 and we can see the Jade Giant’s better looking cousin on the big screen.

Who is she?

She’s Jennifer Walters, cousin to Bruce Banner and accomplished lawyer. Her origin story ties her to her cousin; she gets a blood transfusion from Bruce and develops Amazonian strength but lacks the rage issues of the original Hulk. It’s unlikely that she’d appear in an origin movie but if she were to appear in a stand-alone Hulk movie first, she’d be in a prime position to get a spin-off.

Casting choice?

Go for someone who has their roots in comedy. Beth Behrs comes to mind. CGI means we don’t need a Rhonda Rousy-type for this part, but given She Hulk’s history of breaking the fourth wall and meta-references, a beat-em-up comedy could really work. We might also get another female-led Marvel movie, which we’ve been waiting for for a very long time now.

Moon Knight

If Marvel ever want to settle the ‘who is better, us or DC’ argument, it’ll be Moon Knight that decides it. So far, Marvel has avoided going ‘dark’ in its movies. That’s been DC Batman territory. Moon Knight can change all that. I’ve written previously that the success of ‘Marvel-Phase 2’ has come from combining two or more genres for maximum impact. With Moon Knight, they can make an honest-to-goodness Modern-Noir.

Who is he?

Marc Spector is the son of a Rabbi whose family fled Europe to escape the Holocaust, he blends elements from Iron Man (he’s rich) and Captain America (The Holocaust angle could be used to good cinematic effect) as well as Doctor Strange (he’s given his powers by a moon god called Khonshu).

Casting Choice?

For me, it’s easy: Ryan Gosling. As the only actor to pull off a modern-noir in recent years (if you haven’t seen Drive, go do it now) as well as an intense physical presence on-screen, he’s the first and only choice. Given his career choices so far, he’s unlikely to tackle a franchise, but I can dream.

Wonder Man

For a character with such a long history with The Avengers, it’s mad to think I haven’t seen a single mention of him getting the big-screen treatment. He can fly, has super strength, and is invulnerable… remind you of anybody? If Moon Knight is analogous to Batman, Wonder Man could be the alternative to Superman.

Again, his origin story is closely linked to other characters so he would be best spun off into his own movie after an appearance in the Avengers. Once he’s established though, he’s got plenty of appeal.

Who is he?

Simon Williams, failed businessman, ex con… Hollywood actor?? Yeah, Wonder Man does the whole redemption arc that suits the superhero genre so well but his status as an actor in tinsel-town would allow for numerous cameo-appearances and plenty of humour and meta-references.

Casting Choice?

Jon Hamm. He’s got the matinee idol looks as well as the physical presence. Most importantly, he’s got the look of a guy not entirely comfortable with aspects of Hollywood and his status as a dreamboat. Simon Williams has several arcs where he’s trying to be taken seriously and Jon Hamm would pull this off, perhaps a little too well.


I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, really, I did. One thing I really didn’t like was the way the Nova Corps were portrayed. They’re space cops, not unlike the Green Lanterns of DC. They have helmets that give them access to The Nova Force which grants them energy manipulating powers and flight. In Guardians, they’re basically humans with slightly nicer technology.

Who is he?

The first (and best) human Nova is Richard Ryder. In many ways, he’s Spider-Man in space. He’s an everyman in extraordinary circumstances. He’d easily fit in amongst the universe established by the Guardians of the Galaxy and would allow Marvel to expand the cosmic side of things.

Casting Choice?

Tough call. If this movie were to be made, it would be after Infinity War so possibly ten years from now. As Richard Ryder is late-teen/early twenties the actor to play him is about ten right now. If Kevin Feige is reading this though, my son is 11 and would totally rock this part… providing he does his homework and cleans his room.

Ok, so which character would you put in a marvel movie? Comment below!!


Who do you want to see in the next wave of Marvel movies?


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