ByCameron Brydone-Reed, writer at

If you haven't known already. This film is my favourite film of all time. With direction and writing by Bruce Robinson, this film explores many issues and themes relating to unemployment and alcoholism.

Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann provide an incredibly true to life and dramatic performance of these two troubled characters who struggle so much from the poverty of their London flat.

It's a catchy and addictive dialogue provide much entertainment if you so happen to be in a boring discourse. "STOP SAYING WITHAL OF COURSE HE'S THE FUCKING FARMER." That in a nutshell is why I love this cult hit so much. It's ability to entertain and educate fills my head full of happiness and positivity; whilst also reflective on the real issues of depression and sexuality.

The beloved Richard Griffiths plays Uncle Monty, a thespian turned vegetable grower who provides the two with a holiday home in the country. But to the two's surprise; Monty appears and plans to share their holiday with them....


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