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Cosplay is a great experience for any male or female. Whatever gender you are, it does not stop your love for a certain character, or stop you wanting to express yourself with their characteristics. Here is a short list of gender twisted cosplays which would make any superhero fan want to see them in action.

1. Captain America

This is a retro but a still pretty awesome look with the traditional red, white and blue. This is a take on the Captain's main costume in the Marvel comics, plus in The Avengers (2012).

2. Wolverine

The famous X-Man was given a twist to the character. It's pretty awesome how this cosplayer stayed with the original colors and costume wolverine wore throughout the comics while serving as one of the X-Men.

3. Hawkeye

I do believe Hawkeye is one of the most underrated characters out of the Avengers. This is a fair point, but this gender twisted cosplay kicks ass!

4. Harley Quinn

Being a huge fan of Harley Quinn, I couldn't possibly imagine a gender twisted version of the villain...but here's one amazing example.

5. The Joker

I couldn't leave out the Clown Prince (or in this case Princess) of Crime. Can't you just imagine Male Harley and her causing all sorts of mischief around Gotham?

6. Star-Lord

Star-Lord is one of the most beloved characters from Guardians of the Galaxy (obviously not beating Groot). This cosplay features the cassette tape of the Awesome Mix and even the orange headphones!

7. Storm

Yup, I never would have believed a male Storm could work, but this guy makes an awesome impression of the character! With the awesome clock and yellow thunder strikes, to boot!

8. Quicksilver

This is probably one of my favorite gender twisted cosplays. A great take on the Days of Future Past costume!

Which was your favorite Cosplay and who do you think should be brought into live action?!
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