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Just like Tom Cavanagh does for the Flash, John Barrowman is truly excellent as Malcolm Merlyn. In season one he was the main Antagonist who was driven by grief. Grief that he felt in the murder of his wife. Which of course, led to the neglect of his son Tommy. The Dark Archer had the same attributes as a anti-hero. However, he is a idealist who is prepared to "Start over" plan. Malcolm Merlyn is a unique character in which he has so much depth.

Malcolm Merlyn. (picture courtesy of

I was thinking that maybe CW could venture into the past of Merlyn. I mean he has so much to tell prior to when Arrow even exsisted.

Malcolm Merlyn's backstory.

Merlyn was a compassionate man who was driven to help people of the Glades especially. He went up against corrupt officials and gangsters to help the needy. Already....this has scope. If CW did a possible prequel they could focus on the way Merlyn and his wife went toe to toe against the corrupt.

However, as we know Malcolms wife was murdered and everything changed. Merlyn decided to get revenge on the culprit but the culprit got the better of Merlyn. But Merlyn shot him in the back. Deciding to equip himself better Merlyn decided to go to Nanda Parbat to train with the League of Assassins for two years. To me, this is perfect because Malcolm has told Oliver Queen of his training and missions while he was in the League. This has never been truly explored but it would be great to see how Merlyn became The Dark Archer.

Merlyn The Dark Archer.

After his training Merlyn was driven to eradicate Starling Citys mistakes. He was driven to destroy the foundation that killed his wife. Merlyn almost had the Jacen Solo turned Darth Caedus feel to him. He was prepared to kill thousands in order to start again.

Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow.
Malcolm Merlyn as the Dark Archer in the comics.

So there is a lot of story that could be told in a possible six-part prequel of Malcolm Merlyn. He is by far the best character in Arrow. This is why he keeps coming back and is a mainstream character. We know about Queen, Wilson, Diggle but we do not fully know Merlyn.....I hope that is rectified.


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