ByCristian Rios, writer at
Cristian Rios
... of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe is being introduced in what's basically a prequel? With young X-Men? Meaning by the time we're reaching the timeline of the original film they're fighting Magneto (again) as some sort of new great threat to the team?? I wish an endgame was established long before they even made the first film was put into production (Like what Marvel has done with Avengers). It would have given my favorite comic team the live action adaptations they deserved instead of just making movies for the sake of money, changing storylines without thinking how it'll make sense later on, then trying to fix everything and pretend it never happened. The film's themselves if you take them for what they are, are great films though. That being said, even though I have hated the liberties he's taken with the story, I can't help looking at these pictures and how genuinely excited he looks in them and not like the guy and want this to be the best X-Men film ever.

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