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Do you ever wonder how someone started out their career? Personally, I believe you must cover yourself in fake blood and scream your head off to get into the movie business; at least that's how it was back in the '70s and '80s. We all know how Jamie Lee Curtis started out in John Carpenter's Halloween, as well as Johnny Depp kicking off his career in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street. What about Jennifer Aniston or Leonardo DiCaprio? How did they start out? As an avid horror fan, I've slowly begun to realize that many of the well known actors and actresses today all spent some time in the horror genre.

This is a list of the 5 actors who I didn't even suspect had started out their early careers in horror films:

5. Jennifer Aniston

Well known for her role on the hit TV sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been known to play comedic roles in many films such as We're The Millers, The Bounty Hunter, Horrible Bosses and Just Go With It. However, back when a young Jennifer Aniston was starting out her career, a small, low-budget movie called Leprechaun would soon be in her path. She ultimately landed the lead role as a teenage daughter that's upset about moving to the country with her father. It is there that she encounters a real life leprechaun that is out for blood once its gold is stolen.

4. Viggo Mortensen

Little did I know that Aragorn from The Lord of The Rings trilogy had started out early in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. This comes as a surprise for me mainly because of the fact that now whenever I watch Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, I can't stop seeing Aragorn. Although this would be Mortensen's sixth feature length film, it would still be one of the his early works/leading roles.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Having only known him from films such as Titanic, Inception, The Great Gatsby and Romeo+Juliet, I wasn't entirely sure where he had started out his career. Originally I thought it was Titanic, but just a few weeks ago, I learned that the film Critters 3 was his first lead movie role as the character Josh. Looking at the film now, it's hard to believe that he was actually 17, since he looks much younger.

2. John Travolta

When I first watched Brian DePalma's Carrie, I didn't think twice about the fact that John Travolta starred as the abusive boyfriend, Billy. It wasn't until I had watched Grease for the hundredth time that I realized how big of a deal he was. Having starred in Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Hairspray and Pulp Fiction, I slowly realized how big of a star he was. I almost got smacked by my grandmother when I told her I didn't know he was that big of a celebrity.

1. Sigourney Weaver

Everyone knows Sigourney Weaver mainly from the Alien franchise. Her character Ellen Ripley is one of horror's strongest female leads! I will say that I already knew she was in the film, but I didn't know that Ripley was one of her very first lead roles. Sigourney Weaver has also starred in films such as Ghostbusters, Holes, Baby Mama, The Village, The Cabin in The Woods, and Chappie. Weaver also has many projects that are said to be in pre-production such as a new Alien installment as well as Avatar 2, 3, & 4.

Do you know of any other major actors or actresses that started their career in horror movies? Comment below!


Out of the 5 listed, which would you say is your favorite?


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