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He should hire beetle to destroy Spider-Man and he fail to doit but after own flash Thompson become one with the symbiote after it escapes from,S.H.E.I.L.D and the closes place is school and while it's on it's way there it runs into flash Thompson and later own task figures out that symbiote is now fused with Thompson and he really wants it so he send beetle again to stop him after beetle escapes he returning to task master and he send beetle to go check where the symbiote was last saw and he go to see it up closer scanning the area getting a signal from the in side of the school and he decides to attack the students in the hall way and he sees it's on Thompson but Spider-Man appear from no where and put him the bathroom and beetle blast the door which cause the symbiote to take over his all black outfit and become half agent venom and when Spider-Man check to see why he did rise from the explosion he wait into beetle makes Spider-Man jump out the way which makes beetle fly towards to explosion and he start digging the pile of ruble from the ground and try to find the symbiote which makes agent venom absorbed his vest and missiles and half of his armer and make task wonder what's taking long and he get there And see the symbiote on Thompson but Thompson has a hundred percent of control and he starts attacking task master long side the team of Spider-Man and himself task master could differently be Spider-Man main villain why not ever say no go play with yourself


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