ByWillis Engelbrecht, writer at because he needs his gadgets to win fights ect ect ect. The list goes on about why batman sucks, but I, as a personal fan, think that there is so much more to why we all [Batman fans or Batfans lol] love batman. We all know that batman has been placed on a mighty high pedestal, but it is definitely deserved. What makes batman such a fan favourite is the fact that he is just a man. No enhancements or super powers. If one would have to list his "super power" I feel that it would definitely be his brain. He is extremely intellectual and recorseful. Whenever tasked with a foe impossible to beat, he uses his intelligence to devise a way around the "impossible" and come out victorious. He is so very loved by everyone because of this,, and because he is just a man like you and I, he is vulnerable just like all of us. Because of this we can relate to him as human and this makes him even more spectacular. He is not invincible and has shown that on various occasions. He is not the strongest or the fastest or the smartest, but he can spot weakness and exploit it, weather it be physical or mental. He is just a human, and his humanity is another relatable area which reaches us on a deeper perspective. Batman is loved by millions and unlike all the stereotypes from batman haters, of him being too "untouchable", it is because we personally relate to a lot of aspects of Bruce Waynes life and past, and to him as a person.. And then only does all ass-kicking and coolnes fall in to place with our love for the marvellously created hero.

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