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We all love The Simpsons, but we all love when they make's you say HAW-HAW.

10. Comic Book Guy

"alt dot nerd dot obsessive" is the perfect way to describe early internet nerds, which is all Comic Book Guy is really supposed to represent. He's the writers' idea of what their worst/most obsessive fans were. And as one of them, DEAD ON.

9. Otto

Otto feels like a character that has verrrrrrry little relevance to the show in the wake of hair metal's demise, but is just another example of what could have been an absolute nothing side character (aka "the bus driver") being given a strong personality - in this case, a metal-obsessed burnout who's charged with the safety of children, despite not having a license.

8. Chief Clancy Wiggum

One of the best things about Chief Wiggum is how he manages to be a wholly detestable example of a corrupt evil police force and a harmless childlike puffball of a man. Also, his nose is designed to look like a pig, and that whooshed over my head for a solid decade.

7. Sideshow Bob

he adversarial relationship between this distinguished sometimes-psychopath and Bart gave the show some of its most memorable plotlines and jokes ever.

6. Ralph Wiggum

The nice part about Ralph Wiggum is that he's both a total idiot and completely lovable. He doesn't know what battles are, there's a leprechaun in his mind who tells him to burn things, and his literature diorama is just a bunch of Star Wars action figures

5. Moe Szyslak

Moe is the height of pathetic - his hot date night is him, alone, ogling a Sears catalogue, he's constantly being duped by Bart's prank phone calls and he runs the most run-down dive bar in Springfield. Even though his brief flirtations with success ended in disaster, at least he'll always have the illegal panda and orca whale rackets to keep him going.

4. Groundskeeper Willie

Willie is constantly belittled by the kids and pretty much everyone at Springfield Elementary, but that's what you get when you're the ugliest man in Glasgow.

3. Mr. Burns

And that's the fun of his character - despite being impossibly evil, he's also impossibly frail in his age, weak and helpless to the point where the weight of a sponge nearly drowns him.

2. Bart Simpson

never really been quite the bad boy his reputation claims he is - mostly he's an incorrigible troublemaker, who occasionally unsettlingly flies kites at night and doesn't have any respect for anyone - except the Butterfinger brand.

1. Homer Simpson

Homer's not the first dimwitted fat cartoon husband to be stuck in a dead-end job and have a much more attractive spouse, but he's the gold standard for that archetype now. Dumb physically abusive, and the source of so so so many of the best jokes ever witnessed on TV


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