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We all know that most of the time when a successful box office movie is announced to have a sequel, it will be a much weaker movie, having similar themes as the first one and most of the cast from the previous movie to reminisce the old one little more. People who loved the previous, will go to the theatres and check it out at least during the first weekend of opening. And it will make some profit until the next weekend, before the word of mouth has spread about the movie being stinky pile of garbage.

It’s not the case with Mission Impossible franchise, which similarly to Fast and Furious, is getting better and better every time. Paramount has realized that if they actually treat each of the sequel as a new standalone movie and put as much effort into it as if it is an unknown property and they need to impress people by having no back up plan, their chances of being successful critically and at the box office will be much greater. That will also allow them to continue making other movies in the franchise and have growing number of hard core fan base that will stay loyal to the movie and come to theaters every time knowing that they can trust the filmmakers.

With that said, Mission Impossible: The Rogue Nation is an amazing action movie, with a really well- crafted intricate story line and is, no doubt, one of the best movies of 2015 so far (going toe to toe with Mad Max: Fury Road). Thanks to director Christopher McQuarrie, MI5 delivers on the highest expectations possible. Oh yeah and Tom Cruise is my new action hero.

I don’t know how they did it but action of the movie elevates every next scene. Usually movies leave the mind blowing sequences to the end and start relatively humble. The way this movie starts leaves no question about them going All-In and proving that they care about fan’s experience. Once the opening scene is out of the way you are thinking “Is it even possible to do something that is more outstanding than the opening scene.” And they do, every next mission is made more sophisticated and more “Impossible,” yet Tom Cruise finds a way to unravel the biggest challenges and get out completely dry out of them (except during one mission, you will see what I mean when you watch the movie ).

What I like the most about those action sequences is that they are not completely depending on Hunt’s character. There are so many other things going on at the same time, failure of which guarantees failure of Hunt even if he executes his part perfectly. It’s more of a team effort than individual accomplishment.

This leads to another important aspect of the movie: the editing and cinematography. I have to mention the name of the editor, Eddie Hamilton, whose editing is spectacular and so meticulous. Every action sequence is looked as a dance of images jumping from one scene to another and so seamlessly. And everything makes so much sense that at the end you feel satisfied from the amount of action that you experienced and at the same time how much the story advanced, elevated and became more suspenseful. Cinematographer, Robert Elswit also does a wonderful job at capturing every scene and making it look as visceral as possible. Action is filmed without use of any shaking camera and you can clearly see what is happening and not get headache from it.

Actors are so well played within each other. Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg , Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin and the main threat of the movie, Sean Harris are all playing their parts amazingly. They are given the right amount of time on screen and execute their characters exceptionally. Rebecca Ferguson’s character in particular is crafted so well that throughout the movie you are fascinated by her but don’t really know if she is a friend or an enemy. She is such a great actress, that she portrays her character not only being really sexual and feminine but at the same time very strong, clever and at times even vulnerable. Her multidimensional act next to Tom Cruise brought such believability to their relationship and from that movie profited even more. Simon Pegg plays as not only a great comic relief but also a really dedicated friend, who is always there to help Hunt, even if his life might be severely endangered.

This movie is all I can ask for when going to movies. Watching MI5 I forgot everything else in the world for couple of hour and I was engaged in the story and action from start till the end. I left the movie so thankful to filmmakers, feeling not cheated and important. It was worth every cent that I spent in the theater and I am giving it 10/10.


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