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So I am guessing you have either read the book or seen the movie and can't wait for the animation to come out right? If not then that is just a guess. I fell in love with the show and loved it and if I could I would have read the book beforehand. Anyways there has been one thing to bother me who can be the other parent of these children? Using my skills I only managed to find out that Mal's dad is human and the Carlos's dad is weak? If I am wrong sorry, but this is my theory about it. First let us start with Cruella:

Carlos got most of his mother looks and though all I know that his father is weak that doesn't help much since we know how his mother is pretty high strung. So I took both the animated version of the Dalmatians and the reality one into account. Let's start with the animation:

These are her henchmen will it is possible that one drunken night she had a fling with one of them and later on they ran off at the news that she was pregnant and worried that the kid would treat them like dirt as well. They both are weak and not that very smart so they could be the father that would be one Maury case I would see. Next we have the reality version:

We still have two guys, but in the movie she prefers a fellow fur lover like herself. I forget the name, but we all know what happens in the end. The bald well almost bald guy is her partner and he grows angry and jealous at cruella ignoring her and becomes good in the end. Now while she was in the train she could have slept with her new partner or have some kind of make up sex with her butler. The ending is they went to jail, but not the butler. So either one of them could be the dad, but if the blood in Carlos is of a weak man then it might be the butler for being scared of her, but slowly turning good might be just what is in Carlos.

Next we have Jafar:

Now he's son is Jay. I was stumped on this at first, but I came up with three theories. The first one is far fetched as well as the second one:

Yup...I know it's crazy, but hear me out. He could have had time to rape her and then she became pregnant. With a illegitimate child she could have sent the baby away to Jafar ashamed of Jay and herself. The second theory I had was that Jafar never had a child. In fact Aladdin and Jasmine had Jay and then one night Jafar managed to take the child and hid him away so they wouldn't find Jay so he ended up brainwashing him. A new theory I thought up was maybe he just made Jay using sorcery or just simply grab him from another family. The last theory is more not crazy:

Do you remember them? These are prostitutes and with Jafar being rich and powerful of course they would try to get with him! One of them most have gotten pregnant and had Jay. Since they might be bad guys they went to the island as well, but Jay might not be able to visit her for being a well..prostitute. Next we have the evil Queen:

Now then we have Evie. I was only able to come up with two baby daddy's, but it's worse then nothing. We don't know much about her dad, but as I said that will not stop me!...I didn't..well I am now! First baby daddy!

Yes I know it is a mirror, but think about it. In the movie Evie got a small part of it because her mom said it wore out with time. What if the mirror could become human and that used up his energy. So then when he became smaller and smaller he had to stop being human! Then the queen gave her the mirror so her father would be next to her! Well that is what I think so next person would be the king. The king is never shown I think.....anyways it could be possible she got pregnant by him before he left or died or she conquered up a child with magic still I like the mirror one better. Next we have maleficent!

So with Mal we know she is part dragon from her mother and her dad was human so I took in the original movie and the one with Angelina jolie. So first thing is :

Yes the crow. In the reality movie we know it was like happy and stuff, but what if the crow in the cartoon could turn human too. It would be technically human and the crow would be with her. Also in the Disney movie the crow was never shown! Maybe because he was banished away or died so Mal never met him. Next!

Oh yes I went there. In the reality it seemed there was chemistry and maybe the animation meant the same thing, but was never seen! So that would make Mal Audrey's Aunt! Yes I know it is far fetched but if not with the king who maybe decided that the villain was hot and went off and got her pregnant and then yeah....what! Old men could have game sometimes! So says the tv shows I'm watching. Anyways if not him then maybe the villain got with prince Philip somewhere so now Mal is Audrey's Half sister!

Anyways I know what you guys are thinking the times and years would not add up! Well how do we know that? This is reality and there is all of our fairy tales! Maybe they have time at a different pace then us! Anyways that is all my theories on this subject thanks for listening! Bye!


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