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Let's take a trip back in time to a special decade called the '90s. When Animaniacs was on the air, the 'Rachel' haircut was a thing, and the Powerpuff Girls were 2D. A tune comes up on the radio or TV, and after it's finished its lyrics and beat get imprinted in your memory, but it doesn't stop there. The song comes back on again, again, again, again, again, again, and again. Even after it's surpassed its prime it still doesn't leave your mind. It muddles inside for years and years, and randomly pops up from time to time, but mainly remains dormant. That is, until you hear the song again, and all of the memories and agony pool in and your faith in humanity is broken, so to resolve your pain you bellow in disbelief at the sky.

Sadly, this day has come for you all.

5. C'est la Vie

B*Witched's hit is as catchy as it's lewd. Honestly, how could four women wearing matching jean jackets and pants dancing in a prairie sound so filthy? You may or may not have heard this in a few chick flicks. I personally remember this from the Disney Channel movie Smarthouse.

4. Wannabe

I'll tell you what I want, I want this fucking song to leave my cranium. As with many of these songs, 'Wannabe' repeats the same lyrics over and over again ad nauseam. The gist of this song's message seems to be putting friends before guys, and how they can win them over? Whatever the message is, they can do it without ruining people's evenings.

3. I'm the Baby, Gotta Love Me

Remember a 'lil show named Dinosaurs? Well, to bank off the success of one of their most popular characters 'Baby' (voiced by Kevin Clash), they produced a song about him. This is the result. He constantly spouts his catchphrase, abuses his father and raps (because it was the '90s you see).

2. Barbie Girl

Another seemingly innocent '90s song that's riddled with innuendo. Man, the '90s was a devious era. If that wasn't bad enough, this song is basically about Barbie being Ken's sexual slave. Yet, this sucker is hard to ignore. We'll find ourselves humming it, and upon realizing what we're humming about feel shame and dishonor upon our families.

1. Mambo No. 5

Damn you Stuart Little! Ever since I heard this song in their credits montage I haven't been able to dispense it from my head. Singer Lou Bega vocalizes about needing a little, not a lot of, just a little of certain named women. "It's no use, they can't run or hide 'cause he and them will touch the sky." That doesn't sound wrong at all. "Mambo No. 5" was #6 on Rolling Stone's 20 most annoying songs poll.


If you could only listen to one of these songs for all eternity, which one would it be?


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