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"Home" is an animated film directed by Tim Johnson. The MPAA rating is PG for mild action and some rude humor and the running time is 94 minutes. The film's budget is 135 million and the box office revenue is 386 million.

BEFORE THE MOVIE: Ok. This movie looks horrible. I've heard really bad things about this film. The whole cast looks awful and it only means that this film is a cash grab. Oh well, let's see.

AFTER THE MOVIE: Ok. It wasn't AS bad as I expected it would be. But it still sucked. First off, the animation is FANTASTIC! The level of detail is Unparalleled. It's still no inside out though. The 3D is amazing. It adds a lot of layers to the film and the director has a lot of fun with the "in your face" 3D effect. The movie does have some LAUGH OUT LOUD moments involving Steve Martin's character. Steve Martin actually is FANTASTIC and has THE BEST lines and is THE BEST character.

First thing's first. OH is SOOOOOOOO ANNOYING! I know that the character was meant to be annoying, but there's a level of being annoying in a movie and Jim Parsons, breaks that level. He is soooo annoying and is, right now, the worst movie character of 2015. Also, the writing is horrid. The screenplay is so horrible there are lines like this. "Thanking you" "I has made a few mistakes" "I am giving my sorries". They are SOOOO CRINGEWORTHY AND BAD! Basically, the movie is like "Chappie. Let me explain. In Chappie, Die Antwoord were in the movie and basically, you were hearing their terrible songs left and right. Same thing goes with this film who basically promote Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez's singing. They both have to sing terrible original songs that aren't good.


But if you're planning to see it, see it in 3D!


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