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Editor's Note: This post was written by a fan creator and not vetted or endorsed by the Moviepilot staff. It is clearly a rumor from a questionable source and should not be taken as truth.

Guys I might have the best news scoop of the day. I was on Facebook when all of a suddenly a guy posted a scoop on a group i was in and he Just say that Doomsday will not be in Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, here what the scoops says and all credit goes to group Watchtower on Facebook. "got some new scoop, I don't know if you guys knew this already, but I'll post it anyway. So the villain of the movie is NOT DOOMSDAY! again, it's NOT DOOMSDAY! Lex made huge robots from the debris of the world engine. The laser that shoots batman in the trailer is not superman. Lex enhanced the structure using Zod's DNA thus giving it the strength and powers of a Kryptonian. Jim Gordon is not dead and you will all be surprised who is playing him, it's a big secret. The Eli Snyder rumors are true. Wonder Woman during the end battle scene will ask the help of Hera to summon the warriors of the world to protect their place from the enemies. The end battle is a Worldwide event, heroes in the pacific, oceania and southeast asia will have a brief appearance to protect their place and people. That's why Zack said WW is the gateway drug of justice league because she's the one who gave awareness to the threat thus making them realize that the world need more than a few hero." So what do you think of that I'm personally excited for it and now proves that the plot leak was indeed fake.

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