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What is one way to enjoy a night with a group of friends? A double feature. How does one get the most entertainment out of a double feature? By pairing two movies up that seem to have nothing to do with each other (well, that and a drinking game). While it may be fun to pair a sci-fi horror thriller with a buddy cop comedy, my double feature combines drastic opposites into one night. Complete polar opposites make up this entertaining duo that will make audiences both cry tears of sadness and laughter. Their similarity that ties them together is the heartfelt journey between an older gentlemen and a young lad. Each older man starts the movie as a grumpy widow who despises the outside world. Despite that, somehow, an adolescent boy winds up in their care. Throughout the movie, both pairs trek on an “adventure” which brings them closer together as a grandpa/grandson like relationship. What two movies am I describing? How could such similar plot lines imply an odd pairing of movies? Find out below my friends:

Up (2009)

Starting off the double feature is the touching Pixar movie that left many reaching for tissues after the first seven minutes. Once those opening minutes are over, the story of Carl and Russell examines the themes of friendship, one’s sense of adventure, and living out a dream. One of Pixar’s finest films, Up is family friendly movie that connects to both adults and children. As a Pixar movie normally does, this movie allows for the children to watch in awe as anyone older than eighteen begins to think about the real life implications. A movie that will touch many emotions, the ending is a feel good one that leaves audience satisfied. Now, the question is: what movie shares a similar plot as Up that is a) not animated, b) made for children, or c) is distant from how Up is.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2014)

Put the children to bed and pop in the filthy comedy that graced theaters a year ago. The second half of this double feature will make you cry, only because your face hurts from laughing so much. A spinoff from one of the sketches of Jackass, Bad Grandpa is the oddly perfect movie to follow up the touching Pixar future-classic. While Up is enjoying for audiences of all ages, Bad Grandpa is the ideal way to end the night for parents after the children fall asleep. The movie’s plot (yes, there is a plot there surprisingly!) follows Irving and his grandson Billy as they venture to North Carolina. Along the way, the pair finds themselves in numerous shenanigans at various establishments. Although Bad Grandpa is not as touching as Up, they do share a similar plotline. However, one is for the family, the other is for adults only. Perhaps while watching Up, one might ask themselves “how would this play out in reality?” Well Bad Grandpa displays the reality of the situation out in the most ridiculous way possible.

As long as you are above the age of eighteen (because everybody should listen to the ratings system! *insert laughter here*), this double feature will be the best movie night you can have. Begin with sadness, end with uncontrollable laughter; how could it get any better? I challenge the world to find a more different pair of movies than these two. Pixar mixed with a Jackass movie? It does not get much stranger than that honestly.


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