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Martin Scorsese is a incredible film maker and a true pioneer in film making history he truly is the greatest filmmaker of our my opinion of course. Also please note the choices I made here are my opinion.

10. Casino

Martin's casino clocks in at 178 minutes but you rarely feel it I wonder if there wasn't so much narration the film would be higher up. The answer is yes.

9. Cape Fear

Cape fear is a truly astounding film that ditches cliche and realism for interesting dialogue and great characters with slow burn pace and haunting score this is one of his best.

8. The Aviator

The film that chronicles the life of Howard Hughes does exactly that its interesting has great performances all around the pacing is great to.

7. Shutter Island

Martin's underrated flick is haunting and takes its time with the character. Just don't watch the trailer like ever.

6. The Taxi Driver

Travis bickle is the hero of the unsettling film it gets hard to watch shows a mans downward spiral show how hard the Veitnam war was for the men who served and there family.

5. Gangs of New York

If you could say one of Marty's film were underrated this is the one this film got forgotten amongst the people and it really shouldn't I really dig this film it does get bloated a tad near the middle of the third act but then focuses back up also let tenderize This meat!

4. The Raging Bull

Yeah this won't be the only pick that should probably be number one and I would see why you would think that this film is flawless and very bloody which I like.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street

His longest film goes by like nothing its perfect in every word it gives you incredible laughs but shows you how AWFUL his life becomes.

2. Goodfellas

Great acting with great pacing and great characters great dialogue and great script. Yep all there.

1. The Departed

I love this film the acting is great the pacing is great the violence is great everything is awesome truly awesome I love this movie so much. This is easily his best script truly great and one of the few remakes better than the original.


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