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Johnathan Johnson posted a fantastic fan cast and idea line of what a live-action Spider -Man tv show could/should be like. I love his cast and first season idea. Although i think it should start a little further back, like after he dons the name and webs but before he graduates high school. In which case, Gwen Stacy and parent would be alive and the actress playing Mary-Jane would be alot younger. Dont get me wrong i love Karen Gillanas an actress but she may be a little past the deadline for high schooler. I propose Debbie Ryan who looks good as a redhead. And is talented as an actress.

A nice Gwen Stacy would be the wonderful Taylor Sprietzer who plays an artistic journalist writer girl. If she turns down the snark and ups the geek she'd be perfect.

Otherwise casting is great from johnsons view. Johnson also suggested that the first season end with the capture of the green goblin while that hapens i also think it should involve the death of Gwen (maybe a bombing).

Season 2

Starting after the funeral, in the aftermath of goblins takedown. Pete finishes his senior year and has taken to a crush on Mary Jane because she consoled him after his first love's untimely demise. Soon after, maybe within the week, a Kraven the Hunter saga starts. (Maybe he hears of a Spider and Goblin fighting throughout new york and wants a trophy of the two) or (Has some emotional tie to the bombing and the way JJJ construdes the news, he blames Spidey) . Based whichever conflict story you go with White Tiger may show up to assist rather as a friend to spider due to a hatred/tracking of Kraven. But if you go with the latter reason than i dont too much of a reason for her to show up and leave within reason.

Season 3

Pete now finally getting into the "swing" of things. Battles lesser villians like Shocker or Scorpion. Ending the season with the symbiote we love to hate but only just a tease. Maybe finally getting together with MJ.

I could go on because i love the Wall-Crawler but tell me what you think maybe i can do better or go further in detail.And do a full fan casting of my own..


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