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Over the years, we have been through favorite TV show after favorite TV show, and it seems like some of the truly bad ones have stayed on for way too long! While we all miss shows like Firefly or Freaks and Geeks that have been canceled way too early, there are shows that I feel have overstayed their welcome, even if they did start out with a good premise. Whether the show has been on for way too long, or is just simply bad, there are TV shows out there that need to end, and I intend to point some of them out! Of course I'm going to name someone's favorite show, so try not to get offended, this is just one person's opinion!

1. Bones (2005)

Don't get me wrong, Bones used to be my favorite show of all time, and that's why I want it to end. They have drifted so much from what the show was originally suppose to be, and now it's practically just a love story between Bones and Booth with murders here and there (which they haven't had original ones of in recent seasons). And their newest interns/replacement characters are so boring! The guy that's suppose to be replacing Sweets is such the stereotypical All-American boy that it hurts, and you can't have someone like that taking the place of the most 3-Dimensional character on the show. The show's current status is a recipe for failure, and that's what it's become for the last couple of seasons.

2. Supernatural (2005)

Somewhere in the comments I'm going to hear "I stopped reading after Supernatural." Well, stop reading if you like, but if it helps any, Supernatural is currently my favorite show. That's right, it seems like madness to want your favorite show to end, but I have a few reasons. For starters, the show's quality has severely declined since season 8. I honestly can't explain it, but that's when things stopped being interesting. Secondly, the show has been stuck with almost nothing but angels and demons ever since creator Eric Kripke left after season 5, and they've had so much success from bringing in religious characters on the show. What happened to saving people, hunting things, the family business? Sam and Dean rarely have full episodes where they go on hunts anymore, and it saddens me. Not to mention, the actors that play the main characters (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) can't expand their careers while Supernatural is still on the air! Jensen Ackles has turned down roles such as Hawkeye and Captain America to stay on Supernatural, and there's no telling how many times either men have had to say no due to scheduling conflicts. And it's all in vain if they don't increase the quality of the show to what it once was, or just let it end!

3. America's Got Talent (2006)

Let's see, what talents do people have? Singing: That's why we have The Voice. Dancing: That's why we have So You Think You Can Dance? Comedy: That's why we have Last Comic Standing. Those are the basic three talents that people try to pursue on America's Got Talent, and there are other outlets for them to go try. I know, the premise of the show is to find new and unusual talents, but it's just the same stuff season after season! After all the charity cases and real, how do I put it, "characters" are weeded out, all that's left are singers, dancers, comedians, and a couple of acts that would be considered original, if we hadn't seen them on the show before! We've seen it all, you can get canceled now America's Got Talent. And what about the judges? There's one American on the panel. One. We have a German, a Brit, and a Canadian judging how much talent AMERICA has. Keep Howard Stern, replace the other three judges with real Americans, and maybe I would take the show seriously again.

4. Star Wars Rebels (2014)

Yes, I know it's a Disney show, and I shouldn't be that upset with it, but its very existence is an insult to the Star Wars franchise. This show is just a scheme to try to keep Star Wars relevant for a younger audience. With the new trilogy coming out, this shouldn't be a problem anymore! And despite a few appearances from Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, there are no consistent characters that you should really care about, because they don't tie into the actual movies! My point is, this show itself is bringing up our youth with characters and plot lines that aren't relevant to the actual good movies, and there's no reason for it to exist anymore. It's expendable, and I think it's about time for it to be taken of the air, even if it did start just a year ago.

5. Arrow (2012)

Yes, I want THAT

to get canceled. Even after just three seasons, the show has burned out on ideas! They've given "The Arrow" almost nothing but Batman villains, they've either kicked every other superhero not apart of Team Arrow off the show, or transferred them to another DCTV show, and how many Flash crossovers/Oliver's big "leaving and returning" to Starling City fiascoes can we take before it gets old? Not to mention, it took him 4 seasons to become the actual comic book hero he's supposed to be! They've been stringing us along with this for way too long! And the flashbacks? I don't care what happened to Oliver after the island, quit making up more crap to take up air time! I don't think anyone really cares about what happens in the flashback story line. With DC's Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, and soon to come Lucifer, Krypton, and Blackhawks (formerly Titans), I think we have enough DCTV shows to hold us, and that Arrow should be taken off the air before everyone else gets tired of it, and while it will still be missed.

6. The Big Bang Theory (2007)

The Big Bang Theory has evolved from one of my favorite sitcoms, about the main character Leonard and his wacky roommate who doesn't understand normal social conventions, to the main character Sheldon who now understands everything and makes fun of the poor lovable Leonard every episode. Seriously, Leonard and Penny are getting engaged, Sheldon's no longer funny, but is now the main character because he's everyone's favorite, and Leonard and Howard have basically switched places for some reason. It's not funny, it has no premise, and it's practically unwatchable now.

7. America's Funniest Home Videos (1989)

One thing I've learned from watching America's Funniest Home Videos, is that America doesn't have any funny home videos. There's either something with a baby, a dog, someone getting scared by something, or someone getting hit in the nuts. And I know that most of these people are doing this stuff on purpose, just to enter it to the show! This might have been novel and funny in 1989, but it's not anymore, so it should just get canceled. End of story.

8. Tosh.0 (2009)

Don't get me wrong, I love Daniel Tosh's stand-up, but this show is crude, not funny, and downright disgusting! It's just like AFV, except with the worst, most God-awful videos I've ever seen. I don't want to watch people throwing up on other people, someone breaking bones, or a naked fat person Daniel Tosh, and you know it! This show is severely lowering the bar for comedy, and I think it's about time for it to stop.

9. Family Guy (1999)

Family Guy got canceled once when it was still the perfect balance of witty jokes and gross stuff, so why hasn't it gotten canceled now that it's nothing but downright gross humor? I mean, Seth MacFarlane isn't writing for the show, Stewie isn't an evil genius anymore, he's a homosexual baby, I haven't heard one witty joke in the entire last two seasons, and we still see gross stuff like excessive barf and blood, as well as just straight-up gross sex jokes. Now, I'm not some soccer mom that get's offended by just anything either, I can just see that there's absolutely no good comedy left in this show. Now I know that it probably won't get canceled because 10-year-olds everywhere love it, but if the writers realized that they should just put it out of its misery, then it might.

10. Teen Titans Go! (2013)

Now, if Teen Titans Go! weren't the spin-off series of the original and surprisingly good Teen Titans, then I would say to leave it on the air, since it's for kids and not too far from funny. But since it's supposed to be the successor of that gritty lovable TV series, I can't stand for it to exist! It's just not good enough to supposed to be the continuation of that series. Granted the series itself is not that bad, but it's still just not good enough. If that makes any sense.

What did you think? Do you have a TV show that just needs to be canceled? Let me know in the comments!


What TV show do you think needs to be canceled?


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