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I have been traveling on a road trip across the USA for the past few weeks, and have come across numerous stores that sell $3 movies, allowing me to watch and re-watch movies. I have decided to write about my top five movies, that I am able to watch multiple times without getting bored. These are the films that you don't just stumble upon while you are cruising through Netflix, but the ones that you have on DVD and never get tired of watching over and over and over again.

1.The Parent Trap

Genre: Family

This was a difficult category for me, due to the fact that I have so many favorite childhood films that I can re-watch so so many times, but The Parent Trap has got to be one of my absolute favorites. The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan, The Parent Trap describes the story of two identical twin girls that are separated at birth when the parents split up, and have no knowledge of each other until they meet up at camp. They then switch places in an elaborate plan to try and get their parents back together again. It is a feel-good film, and I do not even know how many times I have watched it...and then re-watched it.

2. Ferris Bueler's Day Off

Genre: Comedy

Such a comedic and hilarious film about a high-school boy that insists upon having a day off of school. You watch as he pretends to be sick, dodges challenges, and goes on a wild adventure- all in order to miss a single day of school! This movie is a must-see comedy, and one that keeps me laughing for days... trust me you will be watching this one more than once.

3. Pretty In Pink

Genre: Romance

A timeless film with Molly Ringwald and Andrew Mccarthy, Pretty In Pink is the tale of a high-schooler, Andie, who is part of the poor crowd at her high-school, and spends her days working at a local record shop. She gets asked out by Blane, who is clearly part of the popular crowd, and comes to realize that it is incredibly difficult to date someone in a different social group at school. Eventually Blane and Andie are capable of ignoring what others want around them, and defy social "norm". It is such a great film, and I have watched it numerous times.

5. The Sound Of Music

Genre: Musical

Such an amazing musical, this wonderfully brilliant film with Julie Andrews is based upon a real family, the Vonn Trapps, who are known as an amazing singing group during the time of World War II. Julie Andrews plays the part of the governess, bringing music and joy to this strict family. It is such a great film, and definitely one of my absolute favorites, one which I have watched way too many times as well.


Which of these have you seen more then once?


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