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It's a woman's right to choose since she is the one that can physically have the baby and thank goodness abortions are allowed.... We are already so damned overpopulated as a species and resources are going to continue to dwindle and dwindle until there is nothing left. We see the effects each year, umm hello, you think traffic and the emmissions are bad now, and its only getting worse. And all we do is build and take and take until there is nothing left.. We slaughter innocent animals with our weapons for money and unattractive and useless garments to throw over our backs and parade around like jackasses all in the name of fashion. Other respectable animals have no choice and can't defend themselves from our cruelty and torture methods and we continue to encroach on there land and their natural way of life where they simply kill to eat, nothing more, nothing less. And for you unintelligent people ( the McLaughlin dumb duo), WE are animals!!! Humans always think we are so much damn better than every other creature on this planet and it makes me sick. You take a story about the death of a magnificent creature that is suffering in numbers and yes, with already low numbers, reproduction takes a huge hit, they don't breed like rabbits like humans do, and turn it into a topic about abortion.... I don't even know what to say to that other than it makes me disgusted to be a part of the same species as some of you people. All i know is I am proud to be a rare and humble human who has devoted my entire life including childhood to doing everything in my power to protect nature and the non-human wildlife that needs my help from the humans that seek to threaten Their God given right to be free and roam in the wild. And thank you to all the others out there like me who enjoy the great outdoors and support my cause in protecting the innocent and beautiful creatures of the planet. We are their voice and if we don't speak for them, who will?? Oh and one final note... You anti abortion people... What if abortion was completely banned, huh? What are you going to do? I doubt if any of you would be willing to adopt more children from mothers who couldnt keep there babies... You gonna support these women?? Yeah I didn't think so.. There are plenty of children in foster homes and dumped on the streets already... You gonna save them? We would have tons of shelters just like OTHER ANIMALS JUST FILLING UP WITH BABIES PEOPLE CANT AFFORD TO TAKE. Ever thought of that?? Look at our homeless populations?? You gonna take one of them into your home?? Yeah i didnt think so. Perhaps if people really used their brain before they had sex or simply used protection, then maybe abortion wouldn't even be this ridiculous issue that it has been for like ever, it's getting so overplayed. Where is your tangible solution antiabortionists?? long live wild and free animals!! And thank you Arnold for what you have done to get this topic some of the real attention it deserves!!

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