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One of the things I think people may be over looking is why they cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. In case you don't know, Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the Comedian in Watchmen. In that movie and mostly everything else he does, he's jacked. I mean seriously, his body is comparable to (wait for it)... Batman! He's toned down the muscle... tone... but if they really wanted someone who could convincingly play a doctor (as opposed to another Batman) they would've gotten somebody else who was already skinny. They know he can bulk up if he wants to he proved that in Watchmen.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian in Watchmen
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian in Watchmen

What got me thinking was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he appeared and answered- dodged, actually- a question about his role in the film. He specifically mentions something about his lower face/jaw and how he looks like the man in the leaked photo that Jimmy is holding. I wouldn't be writing this if he hadn't put his hand over his face like that. To me, it's a subtle gesture but says a lot.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan being evasive with Jimmy Kimmel
Jeffrey Dean Morgan being evasive with Jimmy Kimmel

This is the photo Kimmel is holding:

So, that got me thinking: what if he has a bigger role to play in the DC Extended Universe? If you've read or seen Flashpoint Paradox, you'd know that Thomas Wayne, in an alternate timeline, survived the mugging and instead BRUCE was shot and killed. So Thomas becomes Batman instead.

Thomas Wayne as Batman
Thomas Wayne as Batman

He uses guns and doesn't hesitate to kill.

My theory is that the Flash movie will take it's main plot from Flashpoint, giving Jeffrey Dean Morgan another chance to reprise his role- errr... sort of. They look a like, right? Why would they do the Flashpoint storyline? Because it's awesome! Seriously, if you haven't read it or seen the movie, do it now!

It also seems like the storyline could be integrated into the Justice League movie. The reason that's important is because Zack Snyder said that all of the DC movies will essentially be one giant story ("essentially").

So that's my guess. What do you all think? I would LOVE to see that story on the silver screen and would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan play an angry and spiteful Thomas Wayne who became the Batman.

Here he is on Kimmel.


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