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Recently I went and saw Paper Towns, based off of the book by John Green. When I first saw the trailer in theaters a few months ago I thought to myself "oh great, another love story." But I can assure you it was far from that, in a sense. I am not going to sit here and plot out the movie for you, so be ready for some spoilers. So i'll give you my thoughts on it and a brief plot line.

Basically Quentin ends up falling madly involve with Margot... Surprised? You shouldn't be. John Greene wrote the story.

Then Margot runs away before graduation, without telling a single person. Leaving Quentin to wonder where she went.

He goes on a road trip to New York with his friends to find Margot.

He finds her! He admits his undying love for her and how much she means to him.

Margot does not feel the same towards him, and it breaks his heart.

But he realizes life isn't over, and neither is love.

I think this movie had such a strong message. At a young age we cannot hope and wait for love. It certainly does not mean it can and will not happen. But John Greene brilliantly shows that life goes on after a heartbreak at a young age.

So props to you John Greene and the cast of Paper Towns, I loved it.

"and last time I heard, Margot was in London"


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