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Anyone here a fan of the Looney Tunes? Well you might like them more if you see this animated series called 'Loonatics Unleashed'.

in the future, a strange meteor crash landed on earth and exploded a nuclear wave that changed these characters;

Ace Bunny; descendant of Bugs Bunny

Hobby; Stunt rabbit
Powers/Abilities; Laser Vision, Martial Arts, Swords Rabbit

Lexi Bunny; descendant of Lola Bunny

Hobby; Cheerleader
Powers/Abilities; Sonic Ears, Brain Blast, Chlorokinesis (mentally control plants)

Tech E. Coyote; descendant of Wile E. Coyote

Hobby; technician
Powers/Abilities; Super Intelligence, Self-recovery, Magnet Pulse

Rev Runner; descendant of the Road Runner

Hobby; Delivery bird
Powers/Abilities; Super Speed, Flight, Globel Positioning

Slam Tasmanian; descendant of the Tasmanian Devil

Hobby: Wrestler
Powers/Abilities: Super Strength, Tornade Form

Danger Duck; descendent of Daffy Duck

Hobby: Pool Cleaner
Powers/Abilitites: Fire Eggs, Teleportation (he calls quacking)

Their leader is Zadavia who had something to do with the meteor.


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