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What is the Superhuman Registration Act?

For or against?
For or against?

The Superhuman registration act is a document saying that all super powered people have to register under the government and are declared as weapons of mass destruction and must reveal their secret identities to the world. With this act being past the entire Marvel roster splits in two sides, the ones against and the ones for the act.

Captain's Side

Captain America fights for the side of freedom and liberty of everyone even if you have super powers, cap believes that even though you have powers you still have the right to be free because we all know what happens when the government starts to take control.

Iron Man's Side

Iron Man believes on the other side of the coin that heroes do have to register their powers becuase they can cause severe damage and even death if they arent being monitored despite being under control by the government.

Who's on Captains Side? And Why?


Falcon is Captain's best friend so what better reason is there to be on Captains side.


Like he said in Age of Ultron, he is on the side of light and if you ask me taking away a hero from heroing can endanger a lot of people especially if the government is only interested in superhumans for fighting wars which is what they'll probably do

●Scarlet Witch

Wanda I believe will be on Captains side after what happened to her parents and Pietro. She will view Stark as a murderer for the bombs that killed her parents and for Ultron killing Pietro which Stark also created.

●Black Widow

Captain fights along S.H.I.E.L.D. because he thinks its good, after S.H.I.E.L.D. got back together Cap might trust Fury again and Black Widow is Fury's right hand girl and in the comics they do have a little romance and they do have a son, John Rogers.....which is weird! And it has been rumored that there'll be a spark between them.

●Winter Soldier

Caps best friend from the WW2 age, no other explication needed

Who's on Iron Mans Side?

War Machine

●He's Iron mans best friend so what other reason is there?


●Some may view that Clint would be with Cap but hear me out. With Barton I think that he'll join Stark because of what happened to Pietro. Sure Ultron was created by Tony but maybe Hawkeye sees that if they were under control of the government Pierto would still be alive becuase Ultron would have never been created to begin with.

Ant Man

●Sure at the end of Ant Man, Sam is seen talking to Steve about him so that should imply that he would side with Captain, BUT, Capnis with S.H.I.E.L.D. and it was Hydra agents that tried to purchase the Yellow Jacket technology and what did we learn from Captain America the Winter Soldier? That S.H.I.E.L.D. was taken over by Hydra. So S.H.I.E.L.D. cant really be trusted. Also in the comics Ant man did side with Stark for a while and Hank as well despises S.H.I.E.L.D. after he found out they were trying to replicate his Pym Particles.

Black Panther

●With Black Panther, it seems to me that he will side with Iron Man because it was Ultron that recieved Vibranium from Ulysses Klaw and Black Panther might see this as a threat to Wakanda, and again it was Tony who created Ultron but again again, if heroes were registered under the Gov. Ultron would have never been created.


●Spiderman is kinda tricky but to me it seems that he will side with Iron Man for a bit because thats how it was in the comics, and also for the fact that his uncle Ben was killed he might see it as a way to protect his family just in case something goes bad and if there is still a few good gov agents they might protect Aunt May.

Whos side do you pick?

Why Join Captain?

Captain America fights for freedom of all people, super or not! And the government is corrupt as hell in the real world as it is in the MCU. And do you really want someone always traking you 24/7 if you are superpowered? How can someone possibly live like that?

Why Join Iron Man?

Iron Man fights for control of the Superhumans, maybe becuase of his actions in Age of Ultron but think about it, because there was no control on the Avengers, Ultron was created and he almost wiped out humanity. If the government isnt as corrupt as we think, registering people might be a way to keep the people safer from villains because most of the time the villain emerges from the hero. Think about that.

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