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Comic fans now a days are highly divided. They want either DC or Marvel characters to rule the box office, but there are a small percentage of fans who would like to see their favourite cross-over characters on the big screen.

You might think that sounds ridiculous , but cross-over characters have happened in the past. Those comics were published under the banner “Amalgam Comics”.

Here is the list of those unique characters I want to see on the big screen.

1. Dark Claw

As you might have guessed, this is a character based on “ The Dark Knight” and “Wolverine”. This character would be interesting to watch as he posesses traits of both bat and wolf, the creatures of night.

2. Super Soldier

Mix the powers of Superman and Captain America and the result is Super Solider! The character development of Super Soldier would be interesting to watch.

3. Amazon

Add the powers of Storm to the existing Wonder Woman and you get Amazon. All I can say is that you wouldn't want to get on her bad side.

4. Iron Lantern

This would be an unusual combination, because IronMan's suit is powered by technology, whereas Green Lantern's ring is powered by his willpower. Iron Lantern would be cool to watch as he is a mix of both science and fantasy.

5. Dr. StrangeFate

With supreme powers at his disposal which can alter the shape of the universe in big manner ,his appearance on screen would be freaking awesome to watch.

6. Thanoseid

Who better to fight out our heroes than the two of the biggest ,bad-est villains in both Marvel and DC universes?

All can say is that if Marvel and DC once again join their hands, as they did for the launch of “Amalgam Comics,” and produce movies, that would be a marvellous feast for a comic fan.


Which character do you want to see?


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