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Last Weekend on Box Office Actuals is a lot better. Box Office actaully made 5x as many than last weekend total.

This weekend we only had two new movies

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation & Vaction

Here is this weekend's box office listings.

#10 Jurassic World $3,800,000

#9 Inside Out $4,517,000

#8 Paper Towns $4,600,000

#7 Southpaw $7,519,000

#6 Trainwreck $9,700,000

#5 Pixels $10,400,000

#4 Minions $12,000,000

#3 Ant-Man $12,619,000

#2 Vacation $14,850,000

And the King of Box Office goes to

#1 Mission Impossible Rogue Nation $56,000,000

Making more than the rest of the Top 5 combine.

Go to Jacob Wojciechowski to see the rest of the Box Office Actuals.

Until next week get ready to see these great film.

Fantastic Four

Ricki and the Flash

Shaun the Sheep Movie

Cop Car


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