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Family Guy is known just as much for their musical numbers than their gags. So today, I am counting down the top ten songs from Family Guy. These are songs that are either made especially for the animated comedy show or were derived from other music or movies. Either way, they're all memorable.

Here we go!

10. "Road to Rhode Island" (Ssn. 2, Ep. 13)

This song and episode starts off one of the many famous road trips (a la Bing Crosby and Dean Martin road trip films) Stewie and Brian embark on together.

9. "Shipoopi" (Ssn. 4, Ep. 20)

Peter plays football with Tom Brady and then sings "Shipoopi." Many would not know that this song is actually from a musical called The Music Man. Thanks for making us love Broadway, Peter Griffin!

8. "Mr. Booze" (Ssn. 9, Ep. 10)

Peter and Brian attend AA meetings for their alcohol problems, and, of course, make it fun for them somehow. "Mr. Booze" actually derives from a Frank Sinatra movie called Robin and the 7 Hoods.

7. "Bag of Weed" (Ssn. 7, Ep. 12)

In this tune, Brian and Stewie try to legalize marijuana. Perhaps, song and dance will do it?

6. "You Have AIDS" (Ssn. 4, Ep. 5)

Peter and his barber shop quartet try to break the news gently to someone who just been diagnosed with AIDS, as well as lighten the mood.

5. "It's A Wonderful Day for Pie" (Ssn. 8, Ep. 1)

Brian and Stewie travel through different universes and come across a world that seems to be created by Disney.

4. "All I Really Want For Christmas" (Ssn. 9, Ep. 7)

The Griffins and citizens of Quahog list off their Christmas wishes. Is this song a new Christmas classic?

3. "Christmas Time is Killing Us" (Ssn. 9. Ep. 7)

Brian and Stewie go to the North Pole to find Santa, only to see his workshop and elves, unfortunately, look like hell.

2. "Freakin FCC" (Ssn. 4, Ep. 14)

Peter, Brian, and Stewie complain about the T.V. censorship from the F.C.C.

1. "Surfin Bird" (Ssn. 7, Ep. 2)

I think everyone knew this was coming. It's catchy, easily gets stuck in your head, and it's even annoying at times, but that's why we love it. How else will we know the bird is, in fact, the word. Side note: "Surfin Bird" is a real song by The Trashmen.

Hope everyone likes the list. Also, here are some honorable mentions for good measure.

"Friendship is the Best Thing Ever" (Ssn. 8, Ep. 5)

"Drunken Irish Dad" (Ssn. 5, Ep. 10)

"You and I Are So Awfully Different"( Ssn. 3, Ep. 20)

"Down Syndrome Girl" (Ssn. 8, Ep. 12)

"Take Me Out to Place Tonight" (Ssn. 7, Ep. 6)


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