ByNyan Thuta, writer at
Medical student by day, exorcist,demonologist,master of dark arts and vigilante by night

So, Simmons. And that kree stone. And the finale. Now everyone is dying to know what happened to Jemma and what will happen next. Also, Marvel has announced that S.H.I.E.L.D will be searching for her for the first part of the season. So what's with that stone? And why did it "suck" Simmons in?

I mean, yes, it was designed to destroy the Inhumans and it DID "liquify" when Gordon and Raina was near it. However it didnt even move a bit when Mockingbird or the guards were around it.

And we still don't know much about it. And if it is meant to destroy the in humans, Jemma Simmons will not survive it, yet, it was confirmed that she's gonna be back in the show in season 3. And as we all know, There have been countless theories(and examples) about normal people gaining superpowers by accident, like being trapped in a thermodynamic machine and gaining ice-powers (Killerfrost). So is it possible that Jemma is gonna become an Inhuman? Only time will tell.


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