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This past weekend one of the best reviewed action movies of the year opened up against the reboot of a classic 80's comedy, so which came out on top? Here are the TOP 5 at the US Box Office this past weekend:

1) Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - $56 Million

Ethan Hunt and his team of highly skilled IMF agents hit the big screen for the fifth time last week and scored a massive 93% Critic Rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an incredibly impressive $56 Million at the Domestic Box Office! With an estimated production budget of $150 Million, Rogue Nation is already off to a good start with $121 Million worldwide, the highly positive word of mouth and great opening weekend should make this film profitable in no time. Was it the marketing, franchise appeal, good reviews or star power of Tom Cruise that brought in audiences this weekend? Unfortunately we'll probably never know those facts but it is an interesting question. Last year Tom Cruise's Edge Of Tomorrow under performed at the Box Office, showing that Tom Cruise isn't the big name he used to be, but perhaps audiences were willing to support him again after seeing him strapped to the side of an airplane. Check out my review of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.

2) Vacation - $14.8 Million

The Vacation reboot under performed this weekend, many of us estimated around $25 Million for the Ed Helms comedy over the three day weekend but it only managed to gross $14.8 Million, I have a feeling the bad reviews for the film has an impact on this. I think the marketing for the film has been great. The trailers are hilarious, the posters are reminiscent of the older films and this is a franchise people love. Over the five day opening, Vacation did make $21 Million in total. After the bad reviews flooded the internet, the estimated $27-$30 Million dropped to a shocking $15 Million.

3) Ant-Man - $12.6 Million

Marvel's Ant-Man is a fan favorite film at the moment, many preferring it over this year's Avengers: Age Of Ultron and whilst it hasn't made as much money as the superhero team up film, Ant-Man is still holding on strong. The film has now grossed $291 Million worldwide and will probably stay in the TOP 5 for a few more weeks, Marvel should be happy with these numbers.

4) Minions - $12.2 Million

Not such a hit with the critics, but a massive hit with younger audiences, Minions is still killing it at the box office. The Despicable Me spin-off has now grossed $854 Million worldwide. Many of us expected Minions to be joining the Billion dollar club but perhaps not, I expect it will come terrifically close to hitting that number.

5) Pixels - $10.4 Million

Pixels has only been out for two weeks and it's already at #5, but the movie has already grossed $102 Million worldwide and has yet to open up in all countries, the film will be profitable, but this is one of the most negatively reviewed films of the year so far, adding yet another flop to Adam Sandler's filmography.

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