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Cristian Rios
It took me a LONG time to dismiss everything I hated about First Class and just take it as a movie. From the first class consisting of characters who were NOT original X-Men (Darwin? Really? And Shaw kills him? He's stronger than Shaw). Also the fact that Cyclops kid brother is somehow an original X-Men and older than him. Azazel an immortal mutant demon from another dimension (who also somehow dies in DoFP) being a member of the Hellfire Club. Emma Frost being Xaviers equal as a telepath. Sebastian Shaw's power is absorbing kinetic energy and bullets and bombs and shooting it out as fire blasts??? That's closer to Bishops power, Shaw just absorbed it and got superhuman strength. Then how fucking lazily they just threw in Xaviers paralysis? A bullet ricochets from Magneto and somehow hits his spine? That's not how Magneto's power works. He doesn't ricochet bullets, he just stops them dead in their tracks. My biggest problem though? "What's that?" "That's Cerebro." I literally lost it in the theater at that scene. No Eric and Charles weren't great friends who built the school and cerebro together. No cerebro was just fucking there in the backyard, built for a telepath before they even knew they existed.

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