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Not so long ago, Zack Snyder, (director of the 300 films, Watchmen, Man of Steel, and Suckerpunch), said in an interview that [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) was part of the DCEU. The DCEU? Yeah, the DC Extended Universe, (or if you want to go even longer we can say the Detective Comics Extended Universe...but lets keep it short and say DCEU.) Anyway, I thought why not the DCCU? Why wouldn't it be? What and why is it extended? What are they extending? Well, they're extending the whole DCUniverse. Which brings us to the '5 Reasons Why the DCEU could be connected to the small screen!'

(Just keep in mind that this is a theory of mine. Some SPOILERS may follow!)

#1. The Television Universe Is and Will Be Connected To the Movies...

Zach Snyder had also stated that they weren't planning on giving characters much backstory and were jumping right in. (Give or take a few words.) This brought a question to my mind,"Why would they not give backstory?" 1. Maybe because most people already know it, or 2. We have it in the shows and movies already. Which brings us to reason 2.

#2. Why Would Warner Brothers Give Us Two Different Universes?

In the popular show The Flash, Harrison Wells had mentioned something about Bruce Wayne or Batman (forgive me, I can't remember which!). The new Supergirl show also mentions Superman. (Which the show could take place somewhere between Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice.) But all this gets me thinking, Extended Universe.

#3. Extended Universe.

Arrow, the Flash, Gotham, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021), Supergirl, possibly even Teen Titans on TNT, are shows with characters who are from the Justice League. (Which has introduced Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Atom, Firestorm, Arsenal, both Black and White Canary, Hawkgirl, and countless other heroes and villains.) Why would they, there again, want to have a team up of 'Justice League' type heroes and not have it on the big screen? Unless they're planning something... something BIG. (Justice League! Which they are going to have, FINALLY!) What if they are only picking characters that really NEED and deserve there own movie? Which would make sense...

#4. Why Introduce All of These Characters?

That's the question..why? Unless, like I had said above, they're planning something bigger than us fans could grasp, and that no one has thought up...

Marvel is introducing more and more characters into their cinematic universe, by using Netflix. So what's stopping DC? (Not the Netflix thing.) I think DC has a great big plan, and it's going to rock our world once it hits.

#5. Is My Theory Just All Bullshit?

Or do you all think I might be on to something here? Tell me in the comments...Like, Share, Follow. Thank you all for reading!


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