ByRave Pryde, writer at

Remember when Marvel released an ant sized trailer for Antman months back? Bad or good idea, they did it to promote the movie in a unique way. Similarly the Fox will release the Fantastic Four embargo on August 4, 2015 at 4 PM, PST due the fact it is FOUR. It has nothing to with their confidence in the movie.

This is probably the most talked superhero movie of 2015 because of certain changes from the comics. But comic books movies aren't meant to be the exact copies. Look at Marvel studios,

Antman and Wasp were the founding members of Avengers.

Black Widow as far as I know has never been Hulk's love interest.

Antman was the one who created Ultron not Tony.

Certain changes are OK. Let's judge the actual content. The screening held at Atlanta received positive reviews from the audience. The visuals look great. Storyline looks scientific.

A cast doesn't guarantee hit or flop. It's the script, writers and executions.

Fantastic Four outs on August 7 2015. Sequel scheduled for June 9,2017.


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