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What if your favorite princesses became the top things of your nightmares. They became creatures of the night, making people hide inside filled with fear. They're cannibals, murderers, killers. Well, what happens then?

First, lets take a look at Aurora.

Lets look at beauty and the beast, though she is not much of a beauty anymore.

Now you can scream as you take a look at Pocahontas.

Up next is the fright of Kidagakash( Kida)

How about our not so friendly Tinkerbell.

Alice in scaryland.

The killer mermaid, Ariel.

Snow Fright and the killer dwarfs.

If Hercules actually ended up being the monsters.

Aladdin better chose a different princess because his just joined the dark side.

Instead of Mulan defeating the bad man, she betrayed China and killed every one.

Your favorite Esmeralda just turned to the top of your nightmares.

I wouldn't want to kiss her, frog or not.

Maid Merian? Oh, you mean Maid Scaryan.

I would Not want to get tangled in her hair.

I hope Peter Pan doesn't fly to her house this time.

Okay, this is hands down one of my biggest fears.

If only Tarzan could run.

We looked at beauty and the beast, now lets take a look at just the scary ole Belle.

It's like from the original, she is evil.

So which one is the scariest to you??


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