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For those not familiar with the concept and meaning of the phrase "Superior" here , i will start by doing a small introduction to the story

In the last 3 "Amazing Spider-Man" issues (698-700) the series are concluded by small story line call "Dying Wish" . In this story line Doctor Octopus is terminally ill from his years of crime and fighting superheroes. Aware of his impending death, Doctor Octopus sets in motion a series of plans to create his legacy, that ran through the "Ends of the Earth" story and finished in "Dying Wish", where the villain successfully swapped consciousnesses with Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker, thrusting the hero into his decaying body.However when this happens, Otto starts discovering Peter's memories and everything he has been through and decides to become a better Spider-Man than Peter ever was , to become Superior to Peter

This sets off the story we are covering here today "The Superior Spider-man"

The story successfully run for 31 issues and showed to the world in my opinion how different another person's approach could be to the Spider-Man "job".Otto was a different Spider-Man than Peter in every way possible , concerning his choices on many circumstances , his decisions regarding what's better for the greater good , and of course the different way he handled Peter's life.However i won't name any of those specifically because i don't want to spoil anything for you.

Now my idea is , since this is a huge story line to adapt to one movie , and too risky to be constructed in to a trilogy , my suggestion would be not a live action , but an animated series would be GREAT if done properly

By done properly i mean , staying true to the content and actually not turning it into a children's cartoon (like the new Ultimate Spider-Man) , i believe it would be good for Marvel to start handling their series in a more mature approach the way DC does (Batman : Under The Red Hood , Batman : Assault On Arkham).

This story line includes many brutal moments and scenes , and let's say its not actually meant for 'children' . My opinion is that the series shouldn't follow this approach either

My suggestion of the voice actor who would voice Spidey in this would be someone more mature and not so childish regarding his approach , because remember that's Otto in there not Peter , and Spider-Man isn't a 15 year old high school student anymore. My choice would be Drew Coombs ( Dante in Devil May Cry 2001) and Rino Romano (Spidey in Spider-Man Unlimited) to voice Peter who still happens to be inside Otto's mind as voice and even like 'ghost' in the eyes of Otto from time to time.


What do you guys think ? Would you watch a Superior Spider-Man series?


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