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Okay it's no doubt that S.E. Hinton's novel from 1967 "The Outsiders" is a timeless classic and the 1983 movie didn't do justice to the poetic mind of S.E. Hinton's book even if it did have a young teenage Tom Cruise. So there is no remake in near sight sadly but if there was who would we want playing our beloved Outsiders and Socs

Scotty Leavenworth as Ponyboy Curtis

Yep this little blonde headed kid would be our dream Ponyboy Curtis, having a short camio in the critically acclaimed "The Green Mile" with Tom Hanks fans of the novel and the movie say he'd be the perfect PonyBoy Curtis

Natt Wolff as Johnny Cade

You may recognize Natt from a multitude of movies/TV Shows, Natt is known best for his partnership with his brother is the Nickelodeon TV show "The Naked Brothers Band" and also "The Fault in Our Stars", and the new movie " Paper Towns" both originally written as book by New York Times Bestseller John Green. Fans say that Mr. Natt would make the best Johnny.

Tony Oller as Darrell "Darry" Curtis

Known for his part in the 2013 horror film "The Purge" Tony started his acting career in Houston, Texas (Where's my Texas people at) and began playing in a multitude of movies and TV show including Disney's "As The Bell Rings" and Teen Nick's "Gigantic" fans say he'd be the best actor to play the older brother of Sodapop and Ponyboy Curtis who is left to take care of his little brothers when they're parents are killed in a car train collision.

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Tim Shepard

The Soc run the North side of town and the Greasers run the west side of town but who runs the east side of town? None other than the total badass Tim Shepard and his gang. Tim and Darry were basically rivals in highschool but they can always agree on one thing, the Soc don't belong in their territory. Fans would love to see beloved actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's son on the big screen playing this badass and is they number one choice for Tim Shepard.

Cameron Monaghan as SodaPop Curtis

Known for his role in multiple TV shows and movies like "Shameless" and "The Giver" Cameron is on our dream cast to play the middle child of the Curtis brothers and the most protective of little brother PonyBoy.

Nathan McLeod as Dallas Winston

Dallas also know as Dally is the bad boy of the greasers, when push comes to shove and Ponyboy and Johnny get themselves into some serious trouble what does Dally do, send them to the country of course. Nathan McLeod is best known for his role in the TV Show "Life With Boys" and the 2012 movie "DrugsNot4Me: Pick Your Path" Fans would love to see Nathan appear on the big screen as fan favorite Dallas Winston. Personally so would I.

Kendall Shmidit as TwoBit Mathews

Especially known for his role in the band and Nickelodeon TV show "Big Time Rush" fans say that there's no one better to play my personal favorite character than Kendall, I personally disagree but I'm cooperating with a huge fan base.

Jennifer Stone as the beautiful Cherry Valance

Trust me I've seen a lot of bad suggestions for Cherri Valence but this one is my personal favorite out of all of the dream cast. If your looking for someone with sass, attititude, looks, or just someone to throw a ice cold Coca-Cola on Dallas Winston, look no further than Cherri Valence.


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