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As if perhaps the most unique role of her legendary career weren't enough of a gift to her fans, Cynthia Rothrock and See The Light Entertainment's Sonia Woodfield Brunotto have decided to create some buzz for the latest star vehicle for the "Lady Dragon" by having a social media contest that is easy to enter and that has swag from Rothrock among it's cool prizes!

Rothrock has said this is her "dream project" and the film's genres include having Rothrock's Penelope become an astronaut, pirate and cowgirl. As the story progresses, not only does she learn and grow in confidence but so does her niece who is the mirror image of Penelope when she was a child. It's a powerful story that seems to have appeal to people of all ages. young and old as we learn not to see things as society sees them, but as God does.

"It's an amazing story and I think after seeing everyone will feel good about themselves", says Rothrock.

Entering "The Peculiar Perils of Penelope Peacock Social Media Contest" is easy and prizes include an autographed T-shirt and photo by Rothrock and a $50 AMC Movie Gift Card.

The goal of the contest is to make as many people as possible aware of "The Peculiar Perils Of Penelope Peacock".

Those who want to enter: 1.) Have to get as many people as possible to "Like" the "The Peculiar Perils of Penelope Peacock" Facebook page { 2.) Get as many people as possible to follow the film on Twitter @areyoupenelope and 3.) Get as many people as possible to follow the film on Instagram {paul-brunotto}.

Contestants then need to send their entire list of new Followers for the film on social media to: [email protected]

The person who gets the most amount of people to connect to the film on all 3 forms of social media wins!All lists must be submitted by August 20, 2015.

This is an international contest. If the winner resides outside the United States, they will receive a t-shirt, autographed photo and gift card of equal value.

The winner will be notified by August 30, 2015.


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