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So I read post about casting the Robins and I must say that there are a lot of awesome actors, but i think that they need to be more ''serious'' that the one i have seen. So we have: Dick Grayson ( Nightwing ), Jason Todd ( Red Hood ), Tim Drake ( Red Robin ) and Damian Wayne ( Son of the Batman ). Now i will show you my thinking about the actors for them.
P.S. I'm just a random fan...

Dick Grayson ( Nightwing ) - Ben Barnes

Jason Todd ( Red Hood ) - Jensen Ackles

Tim Drake ( Red Robin ) - Miles Teller

Damian Wayne ( Son of the Batman ) - Preston Strother

Hope you like these ideas and that you will find it interesting, like i say i'm just a random fan but i like Batman a lot and all of his Robins and what they become.


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