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Hello everybody!

So, I just got back from sitting in a theater on a very uncomfortable seat for an hour and 57 minutes without any popcorn or drinks (I am trying to save money.) and let me tell you, it was worth it.

Ant-Man is the latest addition to the ever expanding MCU and it does not disappoint. When the first teaser trailer came out, I wasn't all hyped on the Ant-Man train.

I felt the teaser was mediocre plus I was unsure about the film due to Edgar Wright leaving the project and I was riding the Age of Ultron hype train for most of that period of time.

But when I rocked up to the theater earlier tonight, I was extremely excited to see what Ant-Man had in store and hoped that what other people were saying, would apply to myself.

Luckily for me, the word of mouth of other reviewers, applied to me. Now enough of my blabbering, on with the review!

So, first off Ant-Man is very much a comedic movie. I thought the jokes were funny, witty and very well suited the overall tone of the movie.

The best part of the comedy to me though, is probably Michael Peña and his spectacular performance in this film. Every scene he is in, he shows presence and the guy is hilarious!

The way he recounted his stories in such a hilarious fashion while still being able to understand what he was on about was great, it was extremely enjoyable and he provided a lot of laughs.

Paul Rudd did an excellent job as Scott Lang, he made the character relatable and enjoyable to watch and his origin is quite different then that of the previous heroes to join the MCU.

Michael Douglas was great as Hank Pym, I personally haven't seen many of films he had done but I thought his performance was great and really brought this comic book fave to life.

Evangeline Lilly did a wonderful job as well but I hope she gets more time on screen in the future to really enjoy her character. Corey Stoll was a good as Darren Cross but I felt that his character was just mediocre and could have been further developed.

I felt Cassie Lang was used as more of a plot device then another character but hopefully her character will be better used in the future and further developed (Maybe Giant-Girl, hmm?).

The action scenes were super enjoyable to watch and they felt really fluid and fun. I enjoyed seeing the hero vs villain fight on screen, opposed to the typical hero team vs giant villain army that we see in many of the other MCU films.

In some of the action scenes, you can clearly see where they drew inspiration from the test footage of Ant-Man seen only a few years back which was nice and enjoyable.

Out of all the action scenes though, Ant-Man vs Falcon was my favourite and the best part was that it was accidental. They didn't plan to crash an Avengers base and Sam's comment I found quite funny.

One of the best things about this movie was definitely, the special effects. I mean they really went all out and it was worth it, it doesn't look too over done or fake. It was so good to watch, especially during scenes where Scott is flying with the ants.

The end credits scenes were awesome, I loved how they showed off Hope's Wasp suit so we're definitely going to be seeing Hope take on the title in the future! (Maybe even alongside her mother?)

The Civil War end credits scene was really good, it left a lot of mystery. It showed off three of my faves, (I mean who doesn't love a Steve, Bucky and Sam together.) and obviously some things have gone down while we were watching Scott.

I did feel as though that the first couple of the scenes at the beginning of the film, it felt as though I was watching a couple of different story lines but after that, it blended together easily. I'm going to have to put it down to having to mesh two different ideas together.

Plus, I felt the plot had a lot of similarities to Iron Man but had it's own refreshing twist on the old trope which didn't really affect my overall feelings about the movie.

A couple of little things I enjoyed was Peggy Carter's appearance, I always love me some Peggy and leaving the possibility of the original Wasp coming back to join the MCU in the present day.

If they do bring her back (which I doubt they won't), I can't wait to see how Hayley Lovitt brings Janet to life in the future.

Plus, while I was looking for easter eggs, as well as the Stan Lee cameo, the Spider-Man reference was something I loved.

I am also glad they gave credit to Edgar Wright seeing as he was so heavily involved in the project even if he left it in the end and gave the job to Peyton Reed, who did a marvellous job!

Overall, Ant-Man is a good time all the way through with only the few minor hiccups, a refreshing twist on the same old superhero trope (ala Iron Man), ties into the MCU nicely and I can't wait to see Scott and all the other characters on screen in the future.

Loved this scene.
Loved this scene.

- It's Just Woody.


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